Wednesday, October 27, 2021

At Home with Nugget

A Fun and Colorful Kid's Room - designaddictmom

 Hi everyone- As a long time fan of  the Nugget brand, it was so lovely to have them in our home for a photoshoot a couple weeks ago. Cheyenne is pictured on their latest Nugget release, aptly called Lolly! Such a delicious pink! Today, we're being featured over on the Nugget blog today and you can read it HERE.

photography: Kate Rangel


  1. Great, I'm also dreaming of having a nugget brand in my home. I'm just waiting for the cheapest price of the item that I'm eyeing for.

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  3. it was so beautiful to have them in our home for a two or three weeks prior. Write My Essay Cheyenne is envisioned on their most recent Chunk


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