Friday, October 21, 2016

Our Nugget will Survive.

Artfilled and Colorful Kids Space
 Hello everyone! I am happy to introduce you to our orange Nugget. I chose the title above for this post because as a Mama of very two active boys, not just any furniture piece will survive here, especially a piece that is meant for their space.  It must be able to withstand being mistaken for a trampoline and be easy to clean. So far our Nugget has passed those tests with flying colors, hence it will survive!

Artfilled and Colorful Kids Space
 Based in Durham, NC(we're literally neighbors!), the company Nugget created a product that is as easy to move as a bean bag, and it's a fully functional piece of furniture, like a futon, but also lighter, sturdier, and more animated than its ancestors. Additionally all materials are sourced in North Carolina and packaged in Durham.

Artfilled and Colorful Kids Space
 There are different colors to choose from and you can customize your own, but you know I can't get enough of orange, so... It even came packaged in a beautiful orange box which I am also keeping!!

Artfilled and Colorful Kids Space

Brothers Chill in the Dormer of Kids Room
We love how sturdy it is and the lumbar support from the pillows is wonderful! Because it's portable we can move it from room to room. So far, it has been in Zion's room, the living room, the sunroom, and now(above) in Ian's room. I'm already making plans to curl up here this weekend with my favorite mags and a good book. 

P.S. I was provided with the Nugget mentioned, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. I love this, Stacey.
    So versatile, and I can see how useful it would be for young ones.


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