Monday, December 28, 2020

The Guest Bedroom Receives A Refresh-Again

Guest bedroom painted dark with mural

I did this refresh earlier in the year, but didn't get around to posting about it here. I figured now is a great time to showcase a few of the projects that I tackled this year before going into 2021. This is the 3rd refresh this bedroom has seen hence, the title. Things are always changing around here!:-) 

Before and after-guest bedroom
The pic above shows the before and after the first time I gave the guest bedroom a refresh.  It was a lovely transformation back then and then

Colorful guest bedroom

for this refresh version, I partnered with Minted to add that delicious mural. I loved it in each stage, but you know me, always having an itch to switch things up, so I decided to paint the entire room the same color as the back wall from the first refresh which was still in place when the mural was added.

Guest bedroom-before
So it was bye bye to the BM white dove  and hello to BM Soot

Guest bedroom before

I love how it turned out painting the entire room in Soot. I think little Ms. loves it too. Click here to shop for sputnik like light fixture featured in the bedroom. Lamps are thrifted and furniture was bought in Italy when we were stationed there. 

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  1. This is insanely gorgeous. All my favorite colors. I know the he mural is minted, but can you post sources for the rest?
    Thank You,

    1. Hi Melody,
      Thank you! I updated the post to link to the light fixture. I am not sure what piece you wanted the source information for...

  2. Wow, this is just beautiful! I think painting all of the walls soot really brings the room together and the mural is gorgeous. I cannot decide which of the carpets I like the most -- they are all so fun! What a great design!

  3. (Plus the light fixture!!! I forgot to mention that !!! Amazing!)

    1. It's a fave! I also just linked to it in the post:-)

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