Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Some Tips For Painting Doors Like A Pro


Colorful painted doors graphic-designaddictmom
I have been asked a number of times for tips regarding painting doors so I have compiled some basic ones in this post. Painting a door a color is a quick and easy way to add some interest to a space. I might need an intervention since I am obsessed with  painting all the doors:-).

Painted closet doors-designaddictmom

Tips For Painting Your Doors Like A Pro:

It’s ideal to remove the door(s) from the hinges prior to painting but not a must. If it’s warm out, I’ll remove the door, otherwise I paint it in place. If you remove the doors, be sure to store the hinges etc. in a safe place so you can readily find them when you need to replace the doors. I like to place those hardware in a Ziploc storage bag.

Pink painted door-designaddictmom

 If there are any holes in the door, be sure to fill in with spackle, let dry, then sand. Also it’s a great idea to remove the knobs(I don’t always do this though). 

Check to see what type of paint your door was previously painted. Dampen a microfiber cloth/rag with rubbing alcohol and rub it against the door, if paint transfers to the rag, it’s been painted with a latex-based product and priming won’t be necessary. If nothing comes off on the rag, you’re likely dealing with oil-based paint—and if you hope to use a newer, latex formula, you’ll need to prime first. However, if you’re using a product like Benjamin Moore Advanced paint line, you can forego the priming step as it readily adheres smoothly over both latex and oil based paint.

Mint green painted door-designaddictmom

For the finish- A satin or semi-gloss works well.


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