Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Our Halloween Monster Door-2021 Edition

Halloween Front Porch Inspiration: Our 2021 Monster Door Edition-designaddictmom
If you're a longtime reader, you know I've been doing a Monster door for Halloween for years now. As usual, we had to include our painted pumpkins and even added a few Squid Game inspired ones. Below are the items I use to create the Monster door and I've also linked on my Amazon store.

Create Your Own Monster Door

How To Create Your Own Monster Door-design addictmom

Halloween Front Porch Inspiration: Our 2021 Monster Door Edition-designaddictmom

Halloween Front Porch Inspiration: Our 2021 Monster Door Edition-designaddictmom

I seal all my pumpkins(even the unpainted ones) as it helps prevent disintegration and protect them from the elements.  My pumpkins are usually still in tact even in December! This Mod Podge sealant is great!

Halloween Front Porch Inspiration: Our 2021 Monster Door Edition-designaddictmom

Halloween Inspiration: Our 2021 Monster Door Edition-designaddictmom

 And that cute lil butterfly addition this year  is undoubtedly stealing the show:-). I've linked to most of the products used on my Amazon store including Cheyenne's cute butterfly costume.(affiliate link)

Our Halloween Monster Door -2021 Edition- designaddictmom


* This post contains affiliate links.


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