Monday, April 19, 2021

The Playroom Refresh

The Playroom Refresh- designaddictmom

Hi everyone! How are you? As mentioned in my last post, I have been busy rearranging our house, painting, and Spring cleaning. I have a couple projects in the works that I can’t wait to share once they are completed, and I am thrilled to be able to share one of those completed projects with you today. The playroom received a very sophisticated refresh(peek above) courtesy of the wonderful partnership with the team at Jonathan Louis. Scroll down to read all about how the transformation went down.

The Playroom Refresh- designaddictmom

As many of you already know, this space is actually our formal dining room that we utilize as the playroom and it has changed numerous times to meet our needs especially after Cheyenne was born. However, one thing that remained constant throughout was the chalkboard’s existence. The chalkboard and its changing chalkboard murals courtesy of the hubs is now a thing so it definitely wasn’t going anywhere so it played an integral part in the decisions surrounding the refresh.

The Furniture Choices

Fabric samples for the furniture in the playroom-design addict mom

Working with Jonathan Louis to choose the pieces was such a seamless process. This part was a fave because I was able to custom design the pieces and chose the configurations that would work best in the space. I chose the sofa configuration of the Leon collection and the child in me couldn’t resist the swivel feature in the Roundabout chair. I requested several fabric samples(some pictured above) and chose the yummy black and white Monolith Tuxedo for the chair and the Royale Evergreen for the sofa. 

The Playroom Refresh-during process-designaddictmom

While waiting on the furniture to be made, it was time to turn my attention to prepping the playroom. As I mentioned above, the chalkboard’s existence played a major role in the color choices, and since I was going with a black and white chair and green sofa, I decided to repaint the existing orange walls white. I simply moved everything to the middle of the room and repainted. Color is Sherwin Williams Origrami White. 

The Playroom Refresh-love this statement chair-designaddictmom

The Playroom Refresh-designaddictmom

The Roundabout chair decked in the Monolith Tuxedo fabric came out exactly as I had imagined it in my mind. I decided to also cover the toss pillows in the same fabric and I am in love! It’s a conversation piece for sure! The chair is a curvaceous beauty and oh so comfortable, plus it swivels! The children have been taking turns spinning on it. And so have I:-).

The Playroom Refresh- design addict mom

The Playroom Refresh- designaddictmom

And before we talk about this delicious sofa, shout out to the hubs for completing this latest chalk mural. It couldn’t be more apt. Now about this drool worthy Leon sofa, my oh my! Wrapped in the Royale Evergreen velvet fabric, it beckons for your touch/caress. It feels so good. I really love that it is not only family friendly since we could all fit on it with ease but its modern and low design is right at home with the rest of the modern aesthetic in our home. I added a pop of black and white on the sofa with the 2 throw pillows covered in the Scripps Kona fabric and the middle pillow mimics the colors in the chalk mural in its Kariout Heirloom fabric.

The Playroom Refresh- design addict mom

There is a T.V.(also a bookshelf with lots of Cheyenne’s toys) on that wall across from the sofa hence the very engrossed looks from Cheyenne and Ian. When they go to bed, this is where I curl up to unwind and watch something on Netflix. I am sure many naps will take place on that Leon sofa or even on the Roundabout chair. So, what do you think? To find a local Jonathan Louis dealer near you, click here for the dealer locator. Stay tuned for more project unveilings in the coming weeks. xx

Friday, April 9, 2021

A Sophisticated and Cheerful Home In Copenhagen

Oversized plant in gorgeous living room-designaddictmom

How is everyone? My blog break was quite unintended but needed because I am wearing so many hats and juggling quite a bit right now. However, I hope to share a couple projects that I've been working on with you very soon. We're currently almost at the end of our Spring Break here and we've been enjoying the warmer weather, the bird songs and of course I've been getting my hands dirty in the soil. I always feel so invigorated this time of year. O.K., now on to this beautiful home in Fredriksberg, Copenhagen. Naturally as a colour lover, I love  how homeowner and stylist, Cathrine de Lichtenberg utilizes colour in her spaces, especially highlighting that 5th wall; the ceiling. Those light fixtures throughout are also drool worthy and of course I noticed the plants too! Beautiful home!  

Love the transition view from the dining room into the living room-designaddictmom

Love these statement light fixtures!-designaddictmom

Pretty paint colors and love the painted ceiling-designaddictmom

Sitting pretty-designaddictmom

A cozy living space-designaddictmom

Beautiful tilework and color in this bathroom-designaddictmom

Images: Photographer: Andrea Papini via
Stylist: Marie Monrad Graunbøl