Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Our Smart Garage Upgrade In Time For The Holidays

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LiftMaster Smart Technology

We’ve been slowly and meticulously adding smart home devices to our home that not only enrich our lifestyle and help us to be more efficient, but also help to ease some of the stresses that come with busy parenting. 


I am never not multitasking and now because of the pandemic and working from home in addition to the children being home all day and virtual school, life hasn’t slowed down a bit. Now that we are in the Holiday season, things are even more hectic, so I was thrilled to partner with LiftMaster to help ease some of the Holiday stress and to simplify the Holidays! Our garage is now equipped with myQ smart access technology, thanks to the installation of the LiftMaster WLED Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener, LiftMaster Smart Garage Camera, and the Yale | LiftMaster Smart Lock. 

LiftMaster Smart Technology With MyQ app

What does this mean for a very busy Mama? 

This means I no longer have to worry that I left my garage door open and about my Amazon Prime packages sitting outside for too if I am not home because I had to make a Starbucks run or if I’m too busy helping my kids with online learning to go get it right away. LiftMaster’s myQ powered devices all work seamlessly with Key by Amazon In-Garage Delivery to provide Amazon Prime members with a secure, contactless and convenient place for all of their package deliveries. 

LiftMaster Smart Technology

An easy upgrade to an existing myQ connected garage door opener, the Smart Garage Camera can be quickly installed and connected for added convenience and peace of mind. The myQ app allows you to see and monitor what’s happening in your garage in real-time when you are not home, adding streaming video, recorded events, and 2-way communication to the myQ App. 

LiftMaster Smart Technology With MyQ app


This holiday season will be different than any other because of the pandemic but having a myQ smart garage can help alleviate some of this season's biggest concerns - like protecting your holiday packages against damage, theft and weather. 

LiftMaster Smart Technology

With a built-in wide-angle HD camera, I enjoy the convenience of being able to see as the boys play in the driveway. The real-time video monitoring lets me see if they are playing in the cul-de-sac as instructed if I am not readily able to go outside with them. 

Did I Close The Garage Door? 

LiftMaster Smart Technology

No more wondering if the garage door was left open. Receive alerts or check the status of your garage door from your phone—no matter where you are. We’re really loving having our myQ Smart Garage. 

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  1. What an gorgeous update! Indeed the garage updating job has been done so smart way. I like the all the elements and technology used for bringing the new look and more effective users. Glad to learn about Liftmaster and its smart features and also much more excited seeing your garage is now equipped with myQ smart access technology and WELD wifi capable condition. I wanted to know how long a driveway sealing can last and should we reconstruct it after a fixed duration. But seriously this smart and beautiful garage update made me felt better than before I entered here.


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