Friday, November 1, 2019

One Room Challenge- Week 5

One Room Challenge- Week 5- design addict mom
I am a bit late in getting week's 5 post up because I am literally racing to the finish line! I am showing you these pink doors in the Master bedroom that also leads to the Master bathroom because I changed the color! I know-gasp, right? We all love the pink and I was actually adamant at the beginning of the challenge that whatever design direction I take, those pink doors do not change! Alas, they did.You'll have to wait for the reveal to see the new color though:-).

One Room Challenge- Week 5- how to repaint a door- design addict mom
 If you're repainting a door, it helps to remove the hardware as doing so makes painting easier. Though I've repainted these doors in place before, I opted to remove them to repaint them as so much is going on in the renovation zone and it's easier to paint them elsewhere. I primed the doors then gave them a light sanding . It's a great idea to do a light sanding to help remove any buildup/debris that might be in place. I love using my orbital sander that's pictured as it makes sanding a breeze and is very efficient.  Sanding between coats with a fine grit sandpaper helps to remove any unwanted debris and promotes a smooth finish. I also had primed the doors prior to repainting. When repainting,

One Room Challenge- Week 5- all in the details- design addict mom
This Estee light(from Hudson Valley) installed in the  ceiling of the commode area of the bathroom  is one of my faves! Well that's it for week 5 updates- see you back here next Wednesday for the big reveal- so exciting! xx

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