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How I Care for My Fiddle Leaf Fig(Ficus Lyrata) and Hello!

* This post was originally shared June 01, 2014 and has been updated

How I Care for My Fiddle Leaf Fig(Ficus Lyrata) - design addict mom

How I Care for My Fiddle Leaf Fig(Ficus Lyrata) - design addict mom
Hi everyone! It’s been awhile since my last post, but, I am sure by now, you know that the hubby is home. In fact, he returned home the same day of my last post. With that said, though I haven’t been blogging, I’ve been quite the chatterbox on Instagram! I’ve posted different stages showing the growth of my fiddle fig which has amassed a number of admirers on there. Admirers who want to know what the heck I’m feeding this monster of a tree! So, I’m sharing how I care for my fiddle fig today.
“Be present in all things and thankful for all things.”
~Maya Angelou

The above quote by the late and amazingly wise Maya Angelou, sums up my current state of mind and being, and I am enjoying being in this state. Also, a big thank you to  Lea of Lea Hartman Photography for coming by to capture these lovely images! 

How I Care for My Fiddle Leaf Fig(Ficus Lyrata) - design addict mom


The Fiddle Leaf Fig(Ficus Lyrata) has large, paddle-shaped leaves with prominent violin shaped leaves that mimic the look of a fiddle hence the name Fiddle Leaf Fig.  Native to topical regions of western and central Africa, THE Fddle-Leaf Fig has leathery, glossy, evergreen leaves and round fruit. However, when planted as a house plant it doesn't bear fruit.


Well,  I believe the location/placement of your Fiddle Leaf Fig is probably the most important variable to consider with regards to ensuring it will thrive. That location must receive a lot of light for yout Fiddle Leaf Fig to thrive.  In my case,  our fiddle leaf fig is in the sunroom with large windows. Fiddle leaf figs(ficus lyrata) love sunlight and bright indirect light is ideal. Be mindful of direct bright sunlight as those rays can burn the leaves of your Fiddle Leaf Fig.  South facing windows tend to provide optimal light for best growth of your FLF.  As the Earth rotates during it's 24 hour cycle, from late morning to mid afternoon the planet becomes closest to the sun. As a result,  the strongest rays from the sun flow through South facing windows during this part of the day. Plants which demand full sun will thrive here, it provides optimal levels of light for photosynthesis facilitating fast growth. Our sunroom is South -east facing. That exposure receives great morning light and steady light throughout the day and our Fiddle Leaf Fig thrives in that kind of light. Wherever you place your Fiddle Leaf Fig should be sunny and receive at least six hours of light. Grow lights are also great to help with meeting the light demand for your Fiddle Leaf Fig.

I'll like to also add that I keep our Fiddle Leaf Fig some distance away from the vent that's in the sunroom. They do not like drafts so keeping them away from vents is ideal.

How I Care for My Fiddle Leaf Fig(Ficus Lyrata) - design addict mom

How I Care for My Fiddle Leaf Fig(Ficus Lyrata) - design addict mom


Keeping your Fiddle Leaf Fig  hydrated is very important.  It loves getting watered. I can usually tell that mine needs water if the leaves look a bit shriveled and dry. Water regularly during the growing season. Avoid overwatering. I like to give mine a deep watering and then let it completely dry our before watering again. 

Fiddle leaf figs are tropical loving plants and are accustomed to high humidity, consistent temperatures and well-draining, peaty soil. When the plants receive too little water, new foliage browns and eventually falls off. On the other hand, when plants are over-watered -- or heavy soil becomes waterlogged -- damage begins at the base of the plant and the oldest leaves turn brown and drop. Allow over-watered figs to dry thoroughly. Fiddle leaf figs should be allowed to dry out between waterings and then watered deeply until water runs out the bottom of the container. Reduce watering from fall to late winter

How I Care for My Fiddle Leaf Fig(Ficus Lyrata) - design addict mom
pic shows new growth/leaf


It's a great idea to repot your Fiddle Leaf Fig every Spring when it is still small and growing (before it reaches maturity). I have already repotted ours and I know I will have to repot it again in a much bigger container to ensure enough room for its root system.  When you see roots beginning to grow out the bottom of the pot is usually a sign that your Fiddle Leaf Fig needs repotting. To maintain healthy roots,  use a well draining soil and make sure your garden pots have drainage holes.  Remember, Fiddle Leaf Figs are prone to root rot from too much water. 


Though I haven't pruned my Fiddle Leaf Fig, I try to remove any dead or diseased leaf as soon as I see them to ensure my FLF remains healthy. Pruning it might have to occur too because at the rate at which it is growing, I am not sure if it will fit in that spot (unless pruned) for much longer… 

If a Fiddle Leaf Fig gets too tall, gently remove it from its pot and trim the roots. Trimming the roots limits how tall the plant grows. Root trimming a ficus plant can be done every few years during winter and fall. Cutting the stems back in the Spring or early Summer encourages your Fiddle Leaf Fig to become bushier.

Also,  rotating your fig ensures that all the leaves receive optimal light and helps to maintain a rounded shape. I try to rotate our Fiddle Leaf Fig at least once a week.

How I Care for My Fiddle Leaf Fig(Ficus Lyrata) - design addict mom


I get asked about the type of fertilizer I use and believe it or not, I haven't fertilized our Fiddle Leaf Fig. Her fast growth is mostly due to the optimal light she receives. However, when her nutrient demand level changes where she will require a fertilizer, this one is a great option.  If your Fiddle Leaf Fig needs fertilizing ideally, Spring and Summer are the best times to do so.

Fiddle Leaf Fig in Sunroom- design addict mom
And those are my basic care tips for how I've been maintaining our  Fiddle Leaf Fig. If you have a Home Depot in your area, they may have them there. That’s where I purchased mine. Also, you can buy this one that has great reviews too.

Updated pic

How I Care for My Fiddle Leaf Fig(Ficus Lyrata)- design addict mom
This is an updated pic of Glory almost 4 years later(since original post in June 2014). She is thriving!

sunroom design
Now, you might be wondering about the sunroom, well, it’s left mostly undecorated as it is the boys’ stomping ground; well the entire house is.

We aren’t a formal household, but one could say that this is our informal space. I removed the coffee table and freed up the space in the middle. Better for the boys too.

exotic rug and mushroom ottoman
This mushroom stool was in Ian’s nursery, but I stole it and it’s perfect for resting things aka magazines on.

Sunroom Decor- design addict mom
I enjoy sitting in this chair! In fact, I am usually fighting the boys off of it because they love it too!  Happy Sunday everyone. xx

images© Lea Hartman

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  1. Hey gorgeous!! Welcome back to blogland :) I know you, Zion and Ian must be thrilled to have dad home. Enjoy these beautiful days - xo
    PS - love your fiddle leaf!!

  2. very lovely :)

  3. That tree is just gorgeous! Thanks for the info on care. I love it and will be looking for one.

  4. I *almost* want a Fiddle Fig of my own but I literally have a black thumb. I've killed three plants in the last month alone!

  5. Yay, hubby is home!! I am so excited for you. I love your home and this amazing room. Your fiddle fig is stunning. I think I might need to stop into Home Depot myself this week!! :) Thanks for all of the tips on how to care for it. I will need it!

  6. No need to explain Stacey dear, I follow you on IG so I know how happy and busy you've been! ENJOY and live the moment indeed!

    Thanks for the tip on the fiddle, I may need to follow your tips since out of my 4, one seems to be 'sick'!!!!! Hope I can still save it, re-potting is something I need to do too if I want them to be bigger!

  7. Good morning most GORGEOUS ONE! Yikes, you need to be, you ought to be a model in a mag! Who took these photos...the husbs? Well the quality is outstanding, and you? You look so happy dearest Stacy! That hot pink chair is fabulous and your home is just stunning. Please stay here in Blogland, pleeeeeeeeese? HAPPY MONDAY with the man!

  8. I love my fiddle figs! Yours is awesome and I love your sunroom :)
    Debbie @refreshrestyle

  9. Hi Stacy,
    That's a great fig. It's obviously very happy in that room.
    Will check out Instagram.
    Hope you all have a lovely week,
    Liz x
    ps your home looks wonderful

  10. Hi Stacy! Such a great photo of you at the top:) and I'm so happy to hear the family is back together.

    Thank you for the tour and tips on how to care for your fiddle tree. Yours looks very healthy!


  11. Missed you! Love this joyful space you have here! I also love fig trees but that scare me as I have been known to finish off house trees! I would love one though! Happy Monday!

  12. What a beautiful photograph of you, my friend!!!
    You are just glowing.

    I have a "monster" fiddle fig. The thing is growing out of control. I keep wanting to cut it way back, but hubby says, he'd rather I didn't, so....


  13. Oh my goodness, you look so beautiful and glamorous sitting there with your ridiculously-healthy fiddle leaf.

    Sadly, house plants and me are a very bad combination….I manage to kill most of them…you make it sound simple but you obviously have the GREEN THUMB which is required!!!

    ps - the whole room looks brilliant - so inviting and colourful. It's glowing like you are.

  14. What a great picture of you and what fun colorful interiors! I need a fig tree!!

  15. I admire your designs and strength to do all this diy.
    Reunited with hubby, enjoy that and I bet he will be totally loving all that you have created for his return.

  16. I love your tree. It is absolutely stunning... :)

  17. You and your tree are looking good, my friend. So thrilled for you to have this time with your family all together. Enjoy every minute! I never tire of seeing photos of your house...I love it all! :)

  18. You are too cool, and fun and great with colour!! Love your fig, the room ...wanna strech out there and read a magazine just like you ((:
    hello to your hubby, enjoy!
    xo Z

  19. Stacey, I love LOVE all the colors in your sunroom! The fiddle fig is the perfect natural addition as well!

    little luxury list formerly Chic 'n Cheap Living

  20. Your space looks great!! I have 2 fiddle leafs and can't wait for them to reach that height!


  21. Hey, your fiddle fig is so enormous and good looking! I have one but is so tiny.
    Expert Carpet cleaning Wimbledon

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  23. I had been dying to come read your tips!! but you know...with school out everything is the photos of your home so beautiful! And your tree is full and lush. You really have a green thumb. Loved your tips, especially about rotating it. I also do not have a coffee table in our family room...just a little stump like the space it provides. xx

  24. Your tree is absolutely gorgeous! I have a bit of a brown thumb and bought 5 fiddle leaf figs at my local ikea, assuming a few would die. They seem to be very happy and have grown a couple feet, but how do you get them to branch out like yours? Mine are growing straight up which isn't the look I was shooting for. Thanks in advance!

  25. Hi Stacy. Glad I remembered seeing this post as I just today bought my first fiddle-leaf fig. Fingers crossed I don't kill it!

  26. Do you have any tips on repotting -- like when to do so (time of year) and soil to use, etc.? I'm a total newb at repotting, but my fiddle leaf has been doing amazing and I don't want to disturb it!

    1. Spring is a great time to repot. Usually when the roots start surfacing is a sign that repotting is needed.

  27. Help.......cant find one to buy.............please help..........

    1. They can be a bit difficult to find. I was able to find mine at Home Depot. I've heard that Ikea also has them sometimes...

  28. Hey. This post is fanstastic. And that Fiddle Fig is absolutely gorgeous. Wanting to see if you use any fertilizer?? If so please share what kind please. Tell me your ways. ;)

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