Wednesday, May 23, 2018

On the Hunt for a Really Big Garden Pot to Repot My Fiddle Leaf Fig

On the Hunt for a Really Big Garden Pot to Repot My Fiddle Leaf Fig-design addict mom
The other day on Instagram, I mentioned that my fiddle leaf fig, Glory had fallen over.  She wasn't damaged from the fall, but I think she was telling me she needed a bigger garden pot, so today, finally, I am going to hunt for a really big pot. I am keeping my fingers crossed!. 

If you're repotting in a really big pot and would like some tips, I found some great ones HERE. I will keep you posted on operation find Glory the fig, a really big pot. xx

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Photography: Lea Hartman


  1. I just re-potted my Bird of Paradise for the very same reason.
    It wasn't easy to find a big (and pretty) pot, but I finally found one at a Lowe's garden store.

    Have a wonderful holiday weekend, my friend!

    1. Happy you were able to find a big enough pot Lisa. xo

  2. This photo makes me so happy. The joy and life in the mother-child moment and the joy and life in the gorgeous plant.

  3. gorgeous, how old is the tree?

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