Friday, March 16, 2018

Have a Sunny Weekend!

Have a Sunny Weekend- design addict mom
The sunlight has blessed us with its presence the past two days and I couldn't be happier- we also get to a high of 70 degrees today! Yippee! Glory the fiddle leaf fig is also thrilled and happy to be soaking up the sun.

 In other news, this weekend(on Sunday), Zion turns 9 years old, 9 people! Can you believe that? My, how time flies!

 Also, I just recently got the coolest headphones(the ones pictured). Known as the Sudio Regent, they are not only comfortable to wear, but they also have bluetooth capability- so cool! You can get your own or check them out HERE.

Here are some basic tips too from the archives about how I care for Glory, my fiddle leaf fig.

I hope you have a sunny and happy weekend. Stay warm! xx

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  1. We have sun too (finally!!), but I woke up to 2 degrees this morning. :-(
    I hope you had a wonderful weekend, and...


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