Wednesday, August 2, 2017

This Artist's Home Does Not Disappoint

That pink wall is the perfect backdrop for the gallery wall- design addict mom

           'The owners are both artists. They have quite wild tastes and they love strong colours,' says Beata Heuman, the interior designer of this wondrous home.  'I was told by the wife that her childhood dream was to have a house with a series of rooms each with its own distinct personality - Chinese, Japanese, American and so on. That would have been too much, but I did want to give the house variation and changes of mood.' This inversion of the usual dynamic - clients requiring encouragement to embrace bold decorative concepts - was an early characteristic of the project. 'It is one thing looking at something and thinking it is cool. It is very different living with it,' says Beata. 'I wanted the house to be fun and uplifting, but also comfortable and not too "full on".'

          I would say mission accomplished! This home is such a visual delight...

Such a cozy spot to relax- design addict mom

Charming foyer with beautiful architectural features- design addict mom

A moody portrait is always a great idea! - design addict mom

Such a delightful dining room- design addict mom

This Artist's Home Does Not Disappoint- design addict mom

A Moody and Enchanting Sitting Room - design addict mom

This Artist's Home Does Not Disappoint- design addict mom

Lovely colors in the bedroom - design addict mom

Chinoiserie chic and bold in the bathroom- design addict mom

Go bold with color in the bathroom- design addict mom

Blue and white in bathroom- design addict mom

Happy Wednesday everyone. xx

images: photographer Rachel Whiting for House and Garden


  1. Such a beautiful home! I love the coral color and would love to use that in my "mommy" space but am afraid to. Is that coral? I love oranges, etc., and want to incorporate not pink but an orange,coral tone in that space.

  2. I love everything about the decor of this home!
    The colors are really wonderful.
    Have a great weekend, my friend.

  3. You really have good artistic sense, I really like the interior and combination of wall color. Thank you for sharing it with us


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