Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Green Color Palette Reigns in This Copenhagen Home

Green Color Palette Reigns in This Copenhagen Home- design addict mom

Located in Hellerup( just north of Copenhagen), this home takes green to the next level. It is not only designed with sustainability and a green lifestyle in mind, but also embraces the color green through the home decor. The homeowner, Signe who blogs at Wenneberg and Co has managed to create a stunning home that is warm and welcoming and quite a visual treat. 

Spruce up your home with fresh cut flowers from the garden- design addict mom
Colorful porcelain vases like this one are perfect for displaying fresh cut flowers!

Art and Light filled dining room- design addict mom

Beautiful gallery wall and lovely porcelain vase- design addict mom

Beautiful kitchen-the green cabinetry is perfect! - design addict mom

Plants add warmth and cozy to kitchen- design addict mom

Love the green cabinetry in this kitchen- design addict mom

This area rug anchors the dining table beautifully and all those books make this space extra inviting- design addict mom
Oriental rugs are a great way to anchor a space. This one anchors the dining table beautifully and its colors complement the color scheme.

Pretty bookshelf- design addict mom

Antique plates dress up this display buffet- design addict mom

A serene bedroom makes for sweet dreams- design addict mom

Such efficient use of space in this lovely bathroom- design addict mom

Happy Wednesday everyone! xx

images: {photographer: © Andreas Mikkel Hansen via Bobedre}

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  1. This is really special, Stacey.
    I love the fact that everything is so "clean" and spare.
    Thank you for sharing, sweet friend.