Thursday, June 29, 2017

Our Screened in Porch Gets a Makeover

Our Screened in Porch Gets a Makeover- design addict mom

 Hello friends! How are you? I've been soaking up every luscious moment of Summer and also getting some projects done. Today, I'm going to show you my screened in porch makeover. I love how it turned out! Above is an after picture.

Our Screened in Porch Gets a Makeover- before pic- design addict mom

 Here is a before for reference. To the right, there used to also be a pool table that took up way too much space. That was one of my hubby's grand ideas but I was able to get him onboard to remove it and now it's sitting in our garage. Anyway, once it was removed, the space already began to feel much lighter. To the left, I had a little sitting area that I had carved out for myself.

 There is also an elliptical that I used in the mornings to exercise while I listened to the birds chirp. As you can see, there was a lot going on out here! With this makeover,  I wanted the porch to serve just one purpose and that was for an additional area to entertain or just for us to lounge.

Our Screened in Porch Gets a Makeover- before pic- design addict mom
After we cleared everything out, the hubby pressure washed the space to get it ready painting.

Our Screened in Porch Gets a Makeover- before pic- design addict mom
The first thing I did was to paint the concrete in a concrete stain. I used Solid Color Concrete Stain by Behr in Silver Grey.

Colorful Porch- design addict mom
via pinterest
 For the walls, I planned on repainting them in a similar coral color like the one pictured, but the color was not available in an exterior formula. I didn't want to go with the interior version since it's the screened in porch and it's exposed to the elements. The color would for example fade very quickly...

Our Screened in Porch Gets a Makeover- design addict mom
I decided to repaint in the same color (Benjamin Moore Snuggle Puss) since it is already available in an exterior formula and I still do love the color.  If you look at the before pic further up in the post, you'll see the difference since it's been repainted. It's much brighter and much more vivid.

 I also repainted the wainscoting.  It was originally a creamish color and didn't go with the concrete stain, so I repainted it in Benjamin Moore Simply White.

I had the blue chair already and  recently bought the other one. They were both bought from TJmaxx.  The rugs and other accessories are from 'me shopping my house' and reusing items. Also, of course, a porch makeover is not complete without lots of plants.

Lots of plants on screened in porch-design addict mom

A sunny spot on screened in porch- design addict mom
this pic was captured by Lea Hartman

This side remained the same except I also repainted(in orange) the table since it had faded.

Our Screened in Porch Gets a Makeover- design addict mom
And that's it friends. I've already spent so much time out here. I also love the mood of the space in the evenings when the string lights are lit- so cozy. xx


  1. I especially love that next to last picture with the sun streaming in on your orange table. Did you make that hanging macrame? Its gorgeous! I'd love to sit with you on your fresh new porch and listen to the birds. I have the same lights on my screened in deck, except I bought the colored ones. And I love the frog on the wall.... I have one of those too!
    :) gwingal

    1. Thank you Nikki! I almost bought the orange lights too(since you know, orange is my favorite color:-)). The macrame was a thrift find. xx

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  3. WOW!So colorful and unique. Personaly i like cold tones, because im minimalistic, but when i saw your interior i really liked it, because due to the layout of the details and bright colors. It seems compatible xx

  4. Stacey, this is gorgeous!!
    And I just love the colors you chose for it.
    Really amazing transformation.
    Have a wonderful weekend, my friend!


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