Monday, May 22, 2017

At Home in Madrid with Blogger, María Vázquez

 Books, vintage pieces and lots of plants add personality to this rental apartment.
 I recently spotted the home of blogger, María Vázquez who blogs at Dr. Livinghome  on MiCasa and i fell in love. Her apartment in Madrid is a rental and she has done some amazing things with it. She recently gave the kitchen a facelift and hopes to do the bathroom next. The apartment is decorated with lovely vintage pieces, lots of books, and lots and lots of plants! Let's take a peek...

A cozy place to sit- design addict mom

dining room in rental apartment. Lots of charm and natural light-design addict mom

Add a plant to mix things up with your gallery wall-design addict mom

Add a plant to mix things up with your gallery wall-design addict mom

Don't want your t.v. to be a focal point? Flank it with art/gallery wall style- design addict mom

dark wall in kitchen makes the utensils and accessories pop-design addict mom

a welcoming and cozy kitchen

Add greenery to kitchen by decorating with pothos plants -design addict mom

kitchen storage

Charming bedroom with ledge to add greenery-design addict mom

Such an adorable doggie-design addict mom

Love this cute planter! -design addict mom

Increase productivity by adding some greenery to your workspace- design addict mom
Charming apartment, right and it's a rental! I'd take María as a tenant any day! xx


  1. What beautiful Kitchen! I like this look. Thanks for sharing. Kitchen remodeling Austin

  2. Very Well embellished. Everything is looking so classic and perfect, especially I like the way of decorating paintings on the wall.

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  4. This is wonderful!
    Especially the kitchen. :-)
    Have a great weekend, my friend!

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