Thursday, May 25, 2017

Man Cave Gets a Facelift with Pixerstick Wallpaper

Pixerstick abstract leaves pattern

Hello, hello! I know a number of you saw a glimpse of this wallpaper on my Instagram account the other day when it was being installed and have been waiting with bated breath to see the reveal! Well, the day is here! O.K., so this amazing pattern comes from Pixers. It is self adhesive so you simply peel and stick it to your walls. I had the pleasure of collaborating with them recently and was able to choose the design I wanted to use in my space. The choice was a tough one as there are a myriad of patterns and styles to choose from but ultimately I settled on the Leaves Abstract Pattern Background shown above. This is from their Pixerstick Wallpaper line. It looks even more amazing in person.

Before pic - design addict mom

Now, let’s talk about where this amazing wallpaper was going to be installed. The above pic shows a glimpse into a room that never gets seen here or on instagram- the man cave or my more modern coined version- the gentleman’s space. This is the room above the garage so the angles are not that of a standard room but it’s still a great space plus it has a dormer which lets in great light. My husband wanted to decorate this space the way he wanted without my input and although I’ve respected his wishes, somehow, I managed to paint the space and now giving it a mini makeover, not the full Design Addict Mom treatment, just a little touch. It’s still his space and his style. Plus, he was the one who chose the pattern above (with a little subliminal coaxing from me in the right direction).

Pixerstick wallpaper being installed- design addict mom
My always reliable wall paper installer, Don. You could also install this yourself with the help of another person since it’s self adhesive.

Space after Pixerstick wallpaper is installed- design addict mom
 And there is the after! Because of the angle and slope of the walls, it’s a tricky space to photograph but what a difference that Pixerstick makes! 

Space after Pixerstick wallpaper is installed- design addict mom
This is also the space where we watch movies. 

Man Cave Gets a Facelift with Pixerstick Wallpaper- design addict mom
Part of the wall across from the couch which is the movie wall

 The hubby uses a projector that projects on this wall for movies and although i would rather a projector screen hanging here, he insisted on just leaving the wall white. So, I did but when I first painted the room that Benjamin Moore Wedge-wood Grey color, I didn’t want to paint the entire wall white at the time or paint more blue over this side as I felt there was more than enough blue in the space. Instead, I did a bit of color blocking using some leftover orange paint I had. 

Color Blocking with Paint- design addict mom
Well, after installing this beautiful paper, the orange didn’t seem cohesive so I picked up on the mustardy yellow that’s in the wallpaper pattern and repainted the bottom area. And guess what, it was with leftover paint! (Sherwin Williams June Day). I have that same color in my staircase area that leads up the stairs to this room. 

Color Blocking with paint- design addict mom
movie time!

 View looking into the the room from the top of the stairs- design addict mom

 View looking into the the room from the top of the stairs. 

Man Cave Gets a Facelift with Pixerstick Wallpaper- design addict mom

Color Blocking -design addict mom

Man Cave Gets a Facelift with Pixerstick Wallpaper- design addict mom

The hubby loves the results and so do I. Thank you Pixerstick for sponsoring this post!

Before images and last pic by Me, others by photographer,  Lea Hartman

Monday, May 22, 2017

At Home in Madrid with Blogger, María Vázquez

 Books, vintage pieces and lots of plants add personality to this rental apartment.
 I recently spotted the home of blogger, María Vázquez who blogs at Dr. Livinghome  on MiCasa and i fell in love. Her apartment in Madrid is a rental and she has done some amazing things with it. She recently gave the kitchen a facelift and hopes to do the bathroom next. The apartment is decorated with lovely vintage pieces, lots of books, and lots and lots of plants! Let's take a peek...

A cozy place to sit- design addict mom

dining room in rental apartment. Lots of charm and natural light-design addict mom

Add a plant to mix things up with your gallery wall-design addict mom

Add a plant to mix things up with your gallery wall-design addict mom

Don't want your t.v. to be a focal point? Flank it with art/gallery wall style- design addict mom

dark wall in kitchen makes the utensils and accessories pop-design addict mom

a welcoming and cozy kitchen

Add greenery to kitchen by decorating with pothos plants -design addict mom

kitchen storage

Charming bedroom with ledge to add greenery-design addict mom

Such an adorable doggie-design addict mom

Love this cute planter! -design addict mom

Increase productivity by adding some greenery to your workspace- design addict mom
Charming apartment, right and it's a rental! I'd take María as a tenant any day! xx

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Dark and Sexy in Denmark

Beautiful furniture and accessories-design addict mom
Oozing understated elegance, this beautiful abode near Copenhagen, Denmark drenched in black, grey, and brown tones is easy on the eyes. It conjures up sexy with the beautifully curved furniture pieces and impeccably placed accessories. 

Understated elegance in living room - design addict mom

Cozy atmosphere in the living room - design addict mom

Dining table with beautiful natural wood table-design addict mom

Trio glass pendants add wow factor in dining room- design addict mom

Bright and open kitchen- design addict mom

Textured wallpaper and dark paint add drama - design addict mom

Beautiful architectural details- design addict mom

Bedroom with dark accents- design addict mom

Great use of space with this open walk-in closet in the bedroom - design addict mom

Dark touches and black Panton chair in the bathroom- design addict mom

Black on black design in bathroom-design addict mom
Happy Tuesday everyone! 

{images}: photographer Mads Mogensen via Bo bedre

Friday, May 12, 2017

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day- design addict mom

Happy Mother's Day to all you amazing Mamas and Mamas to be. Much love. xx

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Morocco Dreaming.

Lovely courtyard at Hotel Riad, Marrakech. Photographer Jerome Mondiere
I am feeling a bit of wanderlust today and Morocco has always been up there on the list of places I'd love to visit. Morocco oozes bohemian flair and I know i'd be right at home amongst all the saturated colors! The greenery, the people, the architecture and details,  I could go on and on. Some day Morocco, some day... This space above is by photographer, Jerome Mondiere at Hotel Riad.

 Lovely living space with Moroccan touches-design addict mom

Moroccan dining

Hotel Fenn, Marrakech
Hotel Fenn, Marrakech via gotraveltoday

Moroccan bedroom. Love that tapestry

Happy Thursday everyone! xx

Monday, May 8, 2017

A Home That's All About Color and Maximalism

A Home That's All About Color and Maximalism
I've been stalking My Modern House on instagram for some time. They are an estate agency and sell exceptional homes in urban and rural locations throughout Britain. The homes they post are exceptional and they also have an interview category on their site where they feature talented homeowners and their beautiful homes. Today's post is about one of those interviews...

A Home That's All About Color and Maximalism
One look at Duncan and Luke(homeowners) and you can tell that they are not afraid of color. I just love it! 

Loving this bar area with the fiddle leaf fig

Such a cozy spot and that pothos is #goals!

A Home That's All About Color and Maximalism

Loving the vintage touches and colorful candlesticks

A Home That's All About Color and Maximalism

A Home That's All About Color and Maximalism

A Home That's All About Color and Maximalism

A Home That's All About Color and Maximalism
I hope your week is off to a great start! xx