Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Pink and Blue Reign in The Beautiful Home of Amelia Widell

Beautiful and colorful living room- looove that pink sofa! -designaddictmom
I spotted this space on Pinterest and was drooling so much that I followed the link which led me to the home tour on Gravity Home. I just had to share a peek here too. Amelia's home is featured in the current issue of Elle Decoration (Sweden). Amelia, a blogger, an interior designer, and owner of the store Melimeli seems to really love the colors, pink and blue. They are showcased throughout her beautiful home and is very evident with that pink sofa in the living room(which is also one of her designs). I am loving all the plants too-in fact, I love everything!!

Layered and cozy living room-designaddictmom

Love this shot showcasing the transition of room colors-designaddictmom
i love this shot with the transition of room colors

Pink and Blue Reign in The Beautiful Home of Amelia Widell-designaddictmom

Monochrome in the bedroom. That blue tufted headboard is delicious!- designaddictmom

the white pops in this blue bedroom-so lovely- designaddictmom

light filled kitchen-designaddictmom
What a home, right!? xx

photography: Andrea Papini/styling: Saša Antic  


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