Monday, March 20, 2017

Highlights From Zion's Roblox Birthday Party

Balloons under table in foyer add festive flair for a birthday party. Use glue dots to keep balloons on the table in place- designaddictmom
Zion turned 8 years old on Saturday-can you believe it? It feels like we just celebrated his 5th birthday! Anyway, he wanted a Roblox birthday party and I panicked briefly because I am not well versed in Roblox and I could hardly find anything Roblox related to buy for the party.  I spent days researching and talking to the boys to learn more about Roblox...

Highlights From Zion's Roblox Birthday Party-design addict mom

Upon researching, I learned about how the Roblox characters changed their skin color and like the image shows above, the different colors are represented in a grid and then I got the idea to replicate it as a backdrop for Zion's birthday party.  I love getting creative with backdrops and this Minecraft one I did for Zion last year is a fave!

Over 500 multicolored post its were used to create this Roblox skin color changing inspired grid backdrop-designaddictmom
And over 500 post its later, we have a Roblox backdrop, our own skin color changing grid. I have to be honest though,  it took a looong time and I kept asking myself why I didn't choose something less time consuming.

Over 500 multicolored post its were used to create this Roblox skin color changing inspired grid backdrop- designaddictmom
But it was totally worth it! Zion loved it!

Roblox Invitation -design addict mom
Thank goodness for Etsy! I was able to customize this invitation bought here and Z was excited to give them to his friends!

Mantel decorated for Roblox birthday party-design addict mom
The hubs drew a Roblox character on this mini chalkaboard and I made a garland from foam, added some mini Roblox peeps and decorative honeycomb Lanterns and the mantel was ready for the party!

Bottles of Water wrapped in Roblox graphics for Roblox birthday party-design addict mom

Juices wrapped in Roblox graphics for Roblox birthday party-design addict mom
Etsy was a life saver in helping me to incorporate Roblox graphics. I bought these graphics from this etsy store as a pdf file, then printed them at home on adhesive paper. 

Decorate with Balloons for birthday party-design addict mom
The balloons were a hit! I bought packages of balloons from the Dollar Store and each came with different shaped and sized balloons. 

Face painter at Birthday party-design addict mom
Ian getting his face painted

A local face painter-she did such a fantastic job. If you're local, I highly recommend her. Check her out at Carnival Ink.

Highlights From Zion's Roblox Birthday Party-design addict mom-design addict mom

Colorful birthday cake-design addict mom

Highlights From Zion's Roblox Birthday Party-design addict mom
the birthday boy, our Prince attempting to cut his cake:-)

Highlights From Zion's Roblox Birthday Party-design addict mom
Dada and son

Highlights From Zion's Roblox Birthday Party-design addict mom
The bounce house was a hit!

Highlights From Zion's Roblox Birthday Party-design addict mom
Ian looking so adorable as a lion

Party Favors for Roblox birthday party-design addict mom
I printed these Roblox graphics (bought from Etsy store mentioned above) on cardstock paper, punched a hole in each, then tied each to a favor bag and voila! xx


    Truly, Stacey, you are so creative. What gorgeous decorations.

  2. Your post gave me more inspiration than any other website, thank you and awesome job!

  3. Thanks a lot for sharing these highlights from Zion's Roblox Birthday Party. My son’s birthday is coming and I would like to host an outdoor party at one of the local Venues in NYC. I would like to book a suitable spot from as there is a huge list of adorable venues and if I reserve the party spot form this site I’ll get nice discounts too.

  4. Perfection. As my own child's personal party-planner, I say, "Good Job!"

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