Saturday, February 18, 2017

Hotel Inspired in Copenhagen.

That gorgeous green chesterfield sofa steals the show in this living room.
I am drooling over that green Chesterfield sofa! 

Inspired by their hotel stays, this Copenhagen couple who loves to travel set out to recreate the hotel vibe in their own home.  They most certainly were successful in that endeavor...

Simple and modern

Optimize seating by adding a banquet in dining room

A banquet sitting area

Beautiful architectural details

Such a lovely space with beautiful details

A sleek and modern living room design

A quiet place to sit and read and maybe have a drink

Hotel Inspired in Copenhagen.

The black pops in this white kitchen

Everything in its place

A sophisticated bedroom with a soothing color palette.

Plant shrubs in hanging planter to add privacy to  patio

Place pretty pink flowers on your coffee table to enliven your space. Loving the pink and green color combo too.
Such pretty pink blooms and there's a peek of that delicious Chesterfield again

Beautiful isn't it? How is everyone?  This weekend promises high temps which means warmer weather! Yippee! I am counting down the days until Spring around here. xx

images: photographer Bridget Drejer via Bobedre
stylist: Stine Kirchheiner

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