Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Baskets in the Kitchen.

Baskets in the Kitchen
 Those baskets that you have scattered all over the house and are considering getting rid of (because you're decluttering for the new year),  did you ever consider placing them in your kitchen? Just take at look at these examples...

walnut cabinets in kitchen
 They add visual interest and beautiful texture.

white kitchen with beautiful woven pieces

baskets used as storage in kitchen
 You can use them to store and organize your stuff.

Baskets in the Kitchen
 Are you a fan of baskets in the kitchen? xx

images{pinterest, design addict mom}


  1. Love baskets in the kitchen. They have purpose and beauty. Great post

  2. i think it makes the kitchen look so warm and inviting!

  3. I love the look and they add a perfect texture to any space, not to mention they can store lots of goodies! Happy Wednesday!

  4. I have my basket collection in my kitchen hanging from a rack like the one in the first photo here. :-)
    I almost tossed them when we moved a couple of years ago, and I am so glad I didn't (except for when I have to dust them all, of course!!).

    Have a wonderful evening, my friend.

    1. I know they are a pain to dust but they are so beautiful! xo


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