Wednesday, January 25, 2017

A Pom Poms Diy with Terra-cotta Pots.

A Pom Poms Diy with Terra-cotta Pots-design addict mom
It's amazing the effect the sun can have on ones creativity. It's been raining for days and I was feeling so unmotivated, that is,  until the sun came out yesterday!  I am not kidding when I say I felt this surge of renewed energy- i spotted this left over colorful pom poms trim(I used to decorate the Christmas tree) and thought, why not decorate some of my terra-cotta pots with it?

A Pom Poms Diy with Terra-cotta Pots-design addict mom
It was very simple to do. 

Items Needed:
Pom pom trim(in color(s) of your choice)
Terra-cotta pots
Glue gun

How To:
Cut the desired length of the trim per the size of the terra-cotta pot you'll be using.
Use your glue gun to place a bit of glue in the areas where you'll would be lining the trim on the terra-cotta pot. 
Press trim in place and stretching slightly so it's taut. 
Let it dry and voila!

A Pom Poms Diy with Terra-cotta Pots-design addict mom
So cute, right? xx


  1. I just think that these are the most cheerful little things, Stacey.
    A perfect pick-me-up for the middle of winter when there is so little color.

  2. This is adorable. I have been wanting to do a pom-pom DIY on my baskets ever since I saw an overpirced Anthropologie version last year. so much better as a DIY, right? I love it on your terra cotta planters. Certainly brings in the colour in the envornment. Hope your'e doing well, lovely! x/Madison

    1. Thanks beautiful-yes, i'll always choose the diy option over the overpriced:-)

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