Friday, December 9, 2016

Holiday Touches in the Sunroom: Christmas 2016

Holiday Touches and Greenery
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, well at least in the sunroom. This year, the holiday decor process has been a slow one. I am determined to use most of what I already have and make do...

Holiday Touches and Fiddle Leaf Fig
I place ornaments everywhere, so Glory(the fiddle leaf fig) received some bling on her base and there are ornaments in apothecary jars and bowls. I love how the light bounces off the  surface of the ornaments too in here-so beautiful! Adding twinkly lights to a door is such a simple, but effective way to add holiday cheer. It all sparkles when lit up at night.

When your chickens shed their feathers for the Winter- a process called molting, you use the feathers to decorate your Christmas tree. It's all about using what you have and i have a thing for birds...
If you're a long time reader, you know I have a thing for birds. My one room challenge here was all about birds and feng shui. I incorporated lots of birds and feathers to decorate the tree in here. All the ornaments here are from my "holiday stash." I've used feathers before to decorate for the holidays,  but this year, I went all out. I even gathered some from the backyard that our chickens shed ( apparently they go through a process called molting for the winter). Anyway, i used those feathers as fillers. My topper this year are some bird ornaments also from my stash. Pom pom trim(used to dress the tree) and a rainbow feather trim(used to adorn presents) were new purchases that added the finishing touches to the look I was going for.

Colorful and Fun Details on Christmas Tree
 Oh and check out my flamingoes. I couldn't resist using them. Also the honeycomb are just so fun too! 

festive ornaments for Christmas tree

feathers as ornament for Christmas tree

bird ornament
a close up look

Colorful Holiday Mantel
For the mantel, I reused the colourful candles from last year and added some greenery. I actually thrifted that cute reindeer earlier this year. He's definitely a fave of mine. If you look closely, you'll see my bird touch too. The painted/chalked logs are also a fave-so fun!

Colorful Holiday Decor and Christmas Tree

Holiday Touches and Greenery

Colorful Holiday Decor and Tree
And that's a wrap for the sunroom! I hope you enjoyed and hopefully, I can get my act together this weekend so I can show you the rest. However, I am all about slowing down and enjoying the time with the family, so we'll see... xx


  1. So festive and fabulous!
    Your tree is exquisite!


  2. Oh my goodness, Stacey, everything is absolutely beautiful!
    Bless your heart, my friend. You are amazing!

  3. I always feel like my holiday decor is a hodge podge of items passed down through the years as my mom declutters, lol!


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