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How to Make and Preserve Mango Jam.

How to Make and Preserve Mango Jam

 This Summer, I learned a new skill and I have Ace Hardware to thank for that. I probably would not ever think of tackling preserving fruits or vegetables by canning out of sheer intimidation but I did it! I am so proud too. I worked with Ace Hardware to show how I would go about preserving some of my favorite flavors of Summer. I love, love mangoes so I thought why not attempt to make mango jam for canning? Well, I did and I will outline the process below:

Ball Fresh Preserving Canning Kit
After receiving the Ball® 21Qt Fresh Preserving Canning Kit from Ace Hardware, I was ready to get to work.

Ball Mason Jars

Since i would be preserving/canning the mango jam, before prepping the mangoes, I sterilized the Ball Mason Jars that i would be using for canning. 

How to Make and Preserve Mango Jam

I sterilized them in the dishwater and left them on heated dry so they would be kept warm before filling with jam. Now it was on to the mangoes!

How to Make and Preserve Mango Jam


Chopped Mango: 6 mangoes
Sugar: 21/2 cups-
Lemons : 2
 Since i already had sugar and lemons and ate all the mangoes our relatives brought for us from Florida, I had to go shopping for more. That was easy because mangoes are everywhere since they are in season.

How to Make and Preserve Mango Jam
I bought only six since this was my first attempt and my little helpers; Ian and Zion washed them  to wash them for me in preparation for the next step.

How to Make and Preserve Mango Jam
Next up was removing the peel and then the mango pulp from the seed of each mango. After pulp was removed I diced it into small pieces. I bought Langra mangoes which i found to be perfect for jam making because they were not stringy in texture.

How to Make and Preserve Mango Jam

While I was prepping the mangoes, I had the Bath Canner on the stove getting ready to boil for water bath canning. I followed these great tips for water bath canning

How to Make and Preserve Mango Jam

 In a heavy bottomed pan, add the finely chopped mango, sugar, and lemon juice. Mix well and cook on a high flame till the sugar dissolves. Reduce the flame to medium and stir well to prevent scorching- i found that i had to keep a keen eye and stir continuously, so i had to basically be over the pot almost the entire time.  Let it cook until it reaches the consistency of jam.

How to Make and Preserve Mango Jam

After the jam reaches desired consistency, turn off the flame and let it cool. After it cools, use the funnel from the Ball® 21Qt Fresh Preserving Canning Kit and carefully pour jam into jars. Close each jar tightly and use ball jar lifter also included in canning kit to carefully place jars into bath canner.

How to Make and Preserve Mango Jam
I was really pleased with the results and so proud that I can say I made that! I left out a jar to enjoy but the others are going to be stored for Winter consumption. I will be making more to give as gifts too!

Canning Cherries in a Light Syrup
I also canned cherries in a light syrup a few weeks ago as a part of the Preserving Summer campaign with Ace Hardware. Above is a snap of the process and you can read it all here.  I am officially hooked to this business of canning! Coming up later this week is a great Ace gift card GIVEAWAY of $150! How amazing is that? Stay tuned. 

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*This post was sponsored by Ace but the opinions expressed are my own.  


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