Thursday, August 18, 2016

An Everything In Its Place Kitchen.

A Pristine Kitchen with Open Shelves and Lovely Marble Countertop
I've always admired those kitchens that seem to have it so together- everything in its place, no dishes in the sink, you can actually see the countertops, floors so clean you wouldn't need the 5 second rule if you dropped food on it...

A Retro Kitchen Painted Cabinets

Beautiful kitchen styling with lovely marble countertops.

Alas,  a clean kitchen always seem to be a fleeting goal in my home, and if i do get it clean, it stays that way for about five minutes! Ha! What does your kitchen look like right now? xx

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  1. It's fleeting in my home too, and my kids are grown!!
    Guess it was me making the mess all along! :-)
    Love these, Stacy.

  2. oh you don't want to know what my kitchen looks like right now! these kitchens are gorgeous!

  3. oh you don't want to know what my kitchen looks like right now! these kitchens are gorgeous!

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