Thursday, May 5, 2016

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Cinco de Mayo wedding backdrop
This amazing Cinco de Mayo wedding backdrop caught my eye. Photo by Anahi Weddings.

Jamaican jerk chicken quesadillas for Cinco de Mayo
I am drooling over these Jamaican jerk chicken quesadillas! Recipe here. 

Strawberry Margaritas
Gotta have margaritas for Cinco de Mayo, right? Try this strawberry one. You will love it!

bar set up for Cinco de Mayo- design addict mom
This is my bar set up for Cinco de Mayo; cacti, sombrero, and refreshments:-). xx

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  1. Now this is what Cinco De Mayo should look like! Stunning and festive. Where I come from, it's nicked named Cinco De Drinko.
    The House of Hampton


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