Thursday, April 7, 2016

Mapping It Behind the Bed.

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Fun and colorful room with map wall

The map wall in Zion's room is still a huge hit. For the many people who have asked where it's from, it is the York Wallcoverings MP4945M World Map, Mural.  Map wallpapers are still very much on trend and I've noticed that placing them behind the bed seems to be a fave.

focal wall with map mural/design addict mom
Our map wall in Zion's room. Pic by Lea Hartman.

map wall in kid's room
via Designfiles

fun room with blue and green
via DecorPad

neutral palette with map wall in bedroom
via Pinterest and available here 

Do you like map wallpapers? There are so many options and colors available! I love the blue of this Environmental Graphics Giant World Map Wall Mural - Dry Erase Surface one. Happy Thursday everyone! xx


  1. I love a map wall and Zion's bedroom is a favorite! Just love the colors - happy Sunday!

  2. I've always loved Zion's wall and would love to do it for my daughter's room some day. We are still in a rental so it'll wait until we're in our next place!

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