Friday, April 22, 2016

A Look Back at 3 Earth Day Worthy Projects.

a diy bar cart on wheels

As Earth Day is being celebrated today, I thought it a great idea to look back at 3 of my projects that support the tenets of Earth Day; reuse/recycle/save the planet. Above is the piece I saved a few years ago.

diy bar cart before

This is what it looked like before. You can read all about the transformation HERE.

glam office in a closet-design addict mom

A fave is the closet turned office. Talk about an efficient use of an already existing space!

before and after of office makeover-design addict mom
You can read about this transformation HERE.

green bookcase diy
That green book case is still as beautiful as ever and it did not look like that before!

before and after of bookcase diy
You can read about this transformation HERE.

There are so many other projects that could be highlighted here as I am always reusing and repurposing. I didn't even mention planting! You know I love my plants!  I bought some vegetables to start the vegetable garden, so that will be happening this weekend. What are your plans?  Happy Earth Day and have a great weekend! xx


  1. what a fabulous roundup! now that i finally have my own home (well, a condo!) i will definitely be looking to your blog for inspiration!


  2. Great transformations. I love painting and corner decor. We are revamping the kitchen very soon. Hope you're doing well lovely. x/Madison


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