Friday, April 22, 2016

A Look Back at 3 Earth Day Worthy Projects.

a diy bar cart on wheels

As Earth Day is being celebrated today, I thought it a great idea to look back at 3 of my projects that support the tenets of Earth Day; reuse/recycle/save the planet. Above is the piece I saved a few years ago.

diy bar cart before

This is what it looked like before. You can read all about the transformation HERE.

glam office in a closet-design addict mom

A fave is the closet turned office. Talk about an efficient use of an already existing space!

before and after of office makeover-design addict mom
You can read about this transformation HERE.

green bookcase diy
That green book case is still as beautiful as ever and it did not look like that before!

before and after of bookcase diy
You can read about this transformation HERE.

There are so many other projects that could be highlighted here as I am always reusing and repurposing. I didn't even mention planting! You know I love my plants!  I bought some vegetables to start the vegetable garden, so that will be happening this weekend. What are your plans?  Happy Earth Day and have a great weekend! xx

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Singita Lebombo Lodge in South Africa.

relaxing with a view outdoor

Located in Africa in the central part of Kruger National Park, which in turn is nestled between the Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces of South Africa, Singita Lebombo Lodge is paradise especially for the nature lover. Traveling to Africa is high on my wish list and it would be amazing to stay here...

sleep under the stars/outdoor living

outdoor living
 sleep out on the deck under the stars...

rustic relaxation with an outdoor view

outdoor living

relax at the pool

architecture built in to nature
What a getaway, right? xx

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

10 Beautiful Walnut Kitchens.

walnut kitchen with marble countertops

The other day, I posted my kitchen on Instagram and feared I might have been the only one left online with a kitchen that has walnut cabinets. I was pleasantly surprised when others chimed in that they too have walnut kitchens and that they too LOVE their kitchens with their walnut cabinets. We're showing off our walnut side today...

George Clooney's kitchen
This is George Clooney's kitchen

pink smeg in kitchen

modern kitchen

moody kitchen

subway title back splash in kitchen

modern kitchen with glass cabinet fronts

a cheery kitchen

an industrial kitchen

rustic kitchen with kilim rug
Design Milk

Happy Tuesday everyone! xx

images: Pinterest

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Chant Sport from the House of Marley: A Review

colorful and patternful with pretty plants
"One good thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain."~ Bob Marley. 
It could be because I grew up listening to music in Jamaica, so I cannot live without it, but a day doesn't go by when there isn't music filling every nook and cranny in our home. We. Love. Music.  Our love for music led us to wireless speakers. Well, let's just say that my husband is a fanatic of wireless speakers and we have a little collection going as a result. So with a collection going,, why add the Chant Sport

The Chant Sport wireless speaker from House of Marley

Well, it is waterproof. You can't beat that. The ones we already have are not and as a beach loving family, we will undoubtedly be taking this on all our trips. It is portable and can fit into my beach bag without taking up too much space.

bath time with wine and music

I rarely find the time to take a bath, but when I do it is quite an indulgence. I can place the Chant Sport atop the tub and it fits beautifully because it is not very wide. Most importantly, since it is waterproof, I don't have to worry about it getting wet. This makes listening to Sade so much more relaxing. Did I mention that the sound from the Chant Sport is crystal clear and although it's not very big, it packs a punch in the sonic department.

The Chant Sport from the House of Marley makes bath time even more blissful
Additional Why I love the Chant Sport Information: 






Are you a fan of wireless speakers? 

P.S. Although I was provided the Chant Sport to review, all opinions above are my own. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Outdoor Beckons.

A picnic under the trees
Although it's raining today, Spring is undeniable here. I know some of you still have snow-so sorry! I can't wait to get outside to soak up the sun and to start gardening! 

dining alfresco

dining alfresco
Images via style-files

relaxing in a hammock; the good life

Happy Tuesday everyone. xx 

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Mapping It Behind the Bed.

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Fun and colorful room with map wall

The map wall in Zion's room is still a huge hit. For the many people who have asked where it's from, it is the York Wallcoverings MP4945M World Map, Mural.  Map wallpapers are still very much on trend and I've noticed that placing them behind the bed seems to be a fave.

focal wall with map mural/design addict mom
Our map wall in Zion's room. Pic by Lea Hartman.

map wall in kid's room
via Designfiles

fun room with blue and green
via DecorPad

neutral palette with map wall in bedroom
via Pinterest and available here 

Do you like map wallpapers? There are so many options and colors available! I love the blue of this Environmental Graphics Giant World Map Wall Mural - Dry Erase Surface one. Happy Thursday everyone! xx

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Off the Radar in Taroudant, Morocco.

Beautiful plants and outdoor space in Taroudant, Morocco/ designaddictmom
Yesterday I went searching for Spring via the interwebs because it decided to play a cruel prank and disappear. It was freezing! I happened up on this gem of market town called  Taroudant, located in the the Southern part of Morocco.  Unlike Marrakesh, Taroudant is not a hotspot for tourists and so is off the radar. The article via the NYTimes shows us some colorful, tropical,  and most definitely dripping with Spring and Summer snaps. I feel warmer already!

color and pattern play/ designaddictmom

give me all the textures! so lovely!/designaddictmom

far east style/design addict mom

dress it up with drapes

an exotic bedroom

beautiful architecture

inviting outdoor space/design addict mom

jungle fever in Morocco/design addict mom
Amazing, right? I hope Spring will hear my cry and come return with those lovely warm temps. Happy Wednesday everyone. xx

Photography: Simon Watson