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5 Tips - How to Pick the Right Saltillo Tile for your Spanish Style Home.

If you’re looking for the perfect way to add beauty, warmth and character to your home, look no further than Saltillo tile. This authentic Mexican tile is created from durable clay that is only available in the tile’s place of origin: Saltillo, Coahuila, and Mexico. It is commonly used for flooring, as it is lovely, long lasting, and easy to clean. Popular spots to install Saltillo include kitchens, dining rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, outdoor patios, and stairs. Tiles are available in many different shapes and sizes, and no two tiles are alike, adding to their rustic charm. 

1. Work with what you’ve got

Saltillo tile is traditionally associated with Spanish-style homes, but its versatility makes it an excellent choice for many other styles, such as Mediterranean, Tuscan, Ranch, Rustic, and Southwestern. Consider the current architecture and design elements of your home, and ask yourself which aspects you’d like to change or enhance. Saltillo tile can be the finishing touch in your kitchen, the focal point in your dining room, or the theme in your bathroom. Remember that you can incorporate the surrounding décor and accents in your home to create the style you have in mind, and utilize Saltillo tile to complete that design.

2. Select the right tile finish

Rustico Tile and Stone manufactures Saltillo tile in three styles: Traditional, Manganese, and Antique. In order to choose the best style of Saltillo tile for your project, consider the character of the space where you plan to install it.
If you were to take a look inside a conventional hacienda-style dwelling, you would most likely see Traditional tile. This beautiful terra-cotta tile comes in a wide range of colors, from warm reds and oranges to golden shades of yellow. It is an ideal way to add a splash of color to neutral rooms in your home.

Manganese saltillo comes in shades of light to dark brown and terra cotta, and often has subtle black swirls that create a unique marbled pattern. If you already have plenty of color in a room, this tile will tie it all together without clashing.

Antique (often known as reclaimed terra cotta) saltillo harkens back to historic Spanish-style homes: its neutral, earthy tones and lush texture will bring a touch of Old World beauty to your modern space. Try it in your bathroom or outdoor areas, where its non-slip surface is particularly valuable.

3. Shape up your space

Customizing the shape of your tile will add even more character to your final saltillo design. Each shape and size is available in any of the three finishes listed above, and each type brings its own unique ambiance to a home.
If you’re going for a simple yet sophisticated approach, try Rustico’s standard 12”x12” tile. It offers the best value, and is the most commonly ordered option.

If you want to make a statement with your space, decorative shapes will fit your personality to a T.  Try hexagonal or octagonal tiles to add depth and complexity to a floor, and select a hand painted talavera tile insert to add a dash of charisma. Or choose a pattern: Riviera (Rustio’s most popular option) is created using San Felipe and Fleur de Lis tiles), while Arabesque (another favorite) uses San Felipe tile on its own. These designs bring a touch of hacienda style to any room, while also accommodating modern décor.

4. Size up your room

It’s important to consider the dimensions of your space when selecting your saltillo tile. The right size will showcase the room to its fullest potential, so incorporate square footage, ceiling height, and even furniture size into your design. If you’re styling a large room, and have large statement furniture, don’t be afraid to use 16”x16” or 18”x18” tiles, which will expand the depth of your room even further. If you have a grand entranceway or living area, boldly go where you’ve never gone before with beautiful 24”x24” tiles. On the other hand, if you have a smaller room, use small tiles to keep everything in proportion. Small tiles will also help the space seem larger: an added bonus on top of the beauty of the design.

5. Leave no area unfinished

Too often, stairs are just a utility, taking us from one floor to the next – but you don’t have to perpetuate this stereotype. Rustico customers the world over are using their stairways as expressions of their artistic style, and you can too. Coping tile is used to cover the top of each step, while bullnose saltillo is ideal for baseboard. Create your own patterns or choose solid hues, and watch your staircase change from a bland piece of architecture to a unique work of art that enhances the style of your home.

Transition spaces are full of potential, too: use bullnose tile, or create a mosaic out of broken tiles for a traditional Spanish-style design. A good installer can work wonders by cutting, grinding, or beveling tiles to accommodate your space, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

Saltillo tile is a wonderful way to enhance your home, and Rustico Tile and Stone is available to help with all of your design questions and tile needs along the way. Consult the experts anytime, and enjoy the journey of creating your dream space. 

Source: Rustico Tile and Stone of Leander (near Austin), Texas
Rustico is the largest manufacturer and distributor for authentic, handmade saltillo tile in Mexico.  The company also serves as the leading national distributor for other specialty Mexican tile and stone including: Encaustic Cement Tile, Talavera, and Cantera Stone.  Rustico offers wholesale 
pricing and ships worldwide.

*This post was sponsored by Rustico Tile and Stone.


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