Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Using Photos to Adorn Your Walls.

decor with photos

Do you have a blank wall that is screaming, "Adorn me!" "Adorn me!" However, that poor wall or walls remain that way because you just can't afford the art to make the perfect gallery wall. Well,  how about using photos to adorn those walls! They are a less expensive option and offer so many options.

Audrey Hepburn photo on wall
If you are a lover of the 50s and want to infuse a bit of 50s era in your home, sites like by Getty Images offer different printing choices which include varied sizes and materials. That Audrey Hepburn enlarged photo fills that wall space beautifully and doesn't detract from the modern feel of the space.

lovely and diverse mood board
Louise Olsen pinboard. Photo by Sean Fennessy

The camera on our phones has seen such technological advances and chances are you have a gazillion pictures on your phone. Well, maybe not a gazillion, but a lot! You ought to print those. I love this pin board here that was created using mostly photos. Such a visual treat! Below I will showcase additional ways that you can adorn your walls using photos.

a restrained and sophisticated spce
above the bed

boho vibe

a lovely pop of green

great gallery wall of pics in staircase
design by Emily Henderson

Along the stairwell make the perfect spot to display those family pictures. 

plants chic

black and white photos pop on the white wall

instagram snaps

Instagram pictures make a rich and colorful statement on this wall.


fashion photography as art
 Oversized  photo portraits of celebrities or icons are popular choices. I hope you're inspired to fill those walls! Happy Wednesday everyone. xx

{images via Pinterest}


  1. I am thinking of a project that involves photos of my daughter, so this is great inspiration for me! Thanks Stacey!

  2. Great inspiration Stacey! I have this wall that is screaming for some attention and I think a series of family moments are in order. Now to decide if I will do a gallery wall or pictures ledges.

  3. Artwork, photographs, vintage items can all make our walls come to life! We downsized from our family home to a condo and had lots of wall art so we did gallery walls wherever we could in our much smaller place. Make sure you love what you put on your walls and it's a huge success! Blessings for a great New Year!! Edie & Marie

  4. Thanks for this! I am so challenged when it comes to finding art for walls, but I have a multitude of photos. Great inspiration! I'm new to your blog but have been enjoying your Instagram for a few months now! It's so refreshing!


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