Thursday, January 21, 2016

Master Bedroom Refresh with Justina Blakeney's Nana Wallpaper!

Nothing ever stays the same around here, especially the bedrooms. A few new additions like the lamps from bedroom furniture discounts are always hard to resist. However, most recently a major change happened! Yes; new wallpaper! If you are a long time reader, you remember I gave the Master Bedroom a much needed makeover as apart of the one room challenge. Well, while i liked that wallpaper, after living with it for awhile, I was bored. My wonderful wall paper installer removed it(he is used to my bouts of boredom). The wall has been bare for awhile UNTIL I laid eyes on Justina Blakeney's amazing wallpaper collection for Hygge and West. I fell in love with the Nana in pink.  It's so me, bold and fearless. 

This wallpaper is staying put for sure, loooove it! 

images: Lea Hartman photo and myself

P.S. Although I was gifted the wallpaper, all opinions expressed are my own.


  1. Beautiful!!! Where is your bed frame from? The whole room is awesome!

  2. Amazing wallpaper!
    You look gorgeous too :)


  3. Soooo gorgeous! Love the bits of pink in it. Great choice, friend!

  4. That chair as well...divine!!!

  5. Aaaaaaahhhh! Just when I thought this room couldn't be better, you do this! Fbulous darling!

  6. So beautiful friend. Absolutely love it!!


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