Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Garden Walls.

plant herbs in hanging terracotta pots

Is it too early to be posting about Garden related things? I hope not! I believe we have 53 days until Spring and I can't wait! I have always been fascinated with garden walls/wall gardens. They are a great solution if there isn't space for horizontal gardening. They add interest and depending on the foliage used, can be great for  providing privacy.

vines growing on building's facade adds wow factor


heart shaped greenery
too cute!

Succulents Garden Wall -a grouping of terra cotta pots add impact

Happy Tuesday everyone. xx


  1. So beautiful and these gardens have me excited for Spring! Happy Tuesday!

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  3. so lush-- love these! i am always in denial of winter so these pics are inspiring :)


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  5. I love it all but the first and the heart are my faves!

  6. All of them are awesome especially the first one.

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