Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Garden Walls.

plant herbs in hanging terracotta pots

Is it too early to be posting about Garden related things? I hope not! I believe we have 53 days until Spring and I can't wait! I have always been fascinated with garden walls/wall gardens. They are a great solution if there isn't space for horizontal gardening. They add interest and depending on the foliage used, can be great for  providing privacy.

vines growing on building's facade adds wow factor


heart shaped greenery
too cute!

Succulents Garden Wall -a grouping of terra cotta pots add impact

Happy Tuesday everyone. xx

Monday, January 25, 2016

A Fashion Designer's Colorful Home.


After being covered in ice and slush most of the weekend and waking up to frigid temps, this home (located in Queensland Sunshine Coast, Australia) and all the color that abounds in it is just what I needed to conquer the day! Homeowner and fashion designer, Dui, embraces color in a fun whimsical way and I love it all!










Here's to a colorful new week everyone! xx

Photography John Downs {images}

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Master Bedroom Refresh with Justina Blakeney's Nana Wallpaper!

Nothing ever stays the same around here, especially the bedrooms. A few new additions like the lamps from bedroom furniture discounts are always hard to resist. However, most recently a major change happened! Yes; new wallpaper! If you are a long time reader, you remember I gave the Master Bedroom a much needed makeover as apart of the one room challenge. Well, while i liked that wallpaper, after living with it for awhile, I was bored. My wonderful wall paper installer removed it(he is used to my bouts of boredom). The wall has been bare for awhile UNTIL I laid eyes on Justina Blakeney's amazing wallpaper collection for Hygge and West. I fell in love with the Nana in pink.  It's so me, bold and fearless. 

This wallpaper is staying put for sure, loooove it! 

images: Lea Hartman photo and myself

P.S. Although I was gifted the wallpaper, all opinions expressed are my own.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Mikkel Adsbøl Photography.

Interior photography is an art and when a beautifully designed and styled room meets a photographer with a keen eye, the result is magical. I find Mikkel Adsbøl's (who is from Denmark) style to be almost enigmatic. The spaces he photographs beckons to you... Here are some favourites:

Happy Wednesday everyone! xx

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Using Photos to Adorn Your Walls.

decor with photos

Do you have a blank wall that is screaming, "Adorn me!" "Adorn me!" However, that poor wall or walls remain that way because you just can't afford the art to make the perfect gallery wall. Well,  how about using photos to adorn those walls! They are a less expensive option and offer so many options.

Audrey Hepburn photo on wall
If you are a lover of the 50s and want to infuse a bit of 50s era in your home, sites like photos.com by Getty Images offer different printing choices which include varied sizes and materials. That Audrey Hepburn enlarged photo fills that wall space beautifully and doesn't detract from the modern feel of the space.

lovely and diverse mood board
Louise Olsen pinboard. Photo by Sean Fennessy

The camera on our phones has seen such technological advances and chances are you have a gazillion pictures on your phone. Well, maybe not a gazillion, but a lot! You ought to print those. I love this pin board here that was created using mostly photos. Such a visual treat! Below I will showcase additional ways that you can adorn your walls using photos.

a restrained and sophisticated spce
above the bed

boho vibe

a lovely pop of green

great gallery wall of pics in staircase
design by Emily Henderson

Along the stairwell make the perfect spot to display those family pictures. 

plants chic

black and white photos pop on the white wall

instagram snaps

Instagram pictures make a rich and colorful statement on this wall.


fashion photography as art
 Oversized  photo portraits of celebrities or icons are popular choices. I hope you're inspired to fill those walls! Happy Wednesday everyone. xx

{images via Pinterest}

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

A Credenza DIY using Wallpaper.

A Credenza DIY using Wallpaper - design addict mom
No sanding or refinishing required-sign me up! I love this genius use of wallpaper that I spotted on Boligliv!

A Credenza DIY using Wallpaper - design addict mom
Here is a before shot of the credenza

A Credenza DIY using Wallpaper - design addict mom
Stunning transformation!

Here are the instructions as seen on Boligliv:

You will need:
Smooth wallpaper (it does not matter if it is a remnant patterned wallpaper because it will be painted over), wallpaper paste, wallpaper diet brush, paint color of your choice. Used here is Flügger no. 1498 and no. 1196, small paint roller, tape measure, pencil and a sharp utility knife.

How to:
Measure each door exactly up and cut the wallpaper to the targets.
 Paint the wallpaper with the roll in the desired colors. Let the paint dry completely.
 Lubricate wallpaper paste on the back of the wallpaper.
Attach the wallpaper, first put it firmly in the top corners. Smooth it out with your hands - make sure that it reaches all the way to the edges.
Use wallpaper diet to ensure that the wallpaper is firmly attached and any air bubbles disappear.

I am inspired. How about you?

Friday, January 8, 2016

Mod and Pop in Australia.

Located in the retirement community Glenferrie this spacious gem, designed by Wowowa was designed to suit and meets its older owners needs and expectations. I want to be this hip when I'm older! There are lots of color pops which is made even more distinct because of the white walls throughout. The mod choices in lighting, accessories, and furniture make this home feel groovy and mod. Love it all!





It was a struggle to get through this week. I think I needed an additional week to transition back to the everyday/ no holiday schedule. I am thrilled it's Friday! Happy weekend to you all. xx

Monday, January 4, 2016

6 Kitchen Trends on my Radar for 2016.

Love the pale green painted cabinets and modern details in this kitchen design
Our kitchen is probably the most used space in our home. It is as they say the "heart of our home." Kitchen trends for 2016 are buzzing around online and while I tend to march to the beat of my own drum and not dwell so much on trends, I have to agree with the simplicity trend. With our open floor plan, having a streamlined and simple kitchen makes the flow much better and is easy on the eyes.

Pastel Pink Cabinets

Soft and pretty:
We are sure to see a dash of pink, especially since Pantone announced its color of the year.  I love pink so I think that's a fab idea!

Love the Brass Finishes!
More brass and sass:
Brass hardware, accessories, and lighting aren't going anywhere any time soon.

A Modern and Lovely Kitchen

Hi-tech appliances:
Bigger Islands:
As we entertain more or embrace a more casual and simple living having a bigger kitchen island makes sense and is more convenient. Hands free faucet have already made its way into many kitchens and we are sure to see more technological advances and hi tech appliances included in kitchen designs and remodels.

White and Bright
Open Shelving:
Last year I saw quite an interest from homeowners in this trend. This year lots of kitchens around the globe will be embracing the open shelving idea to showcase their beautiful wares.

Are you renovating or remodeling your kitchen this year? We made it to 2016 everyone!! I hope the year is off to a superb start for you all. xx