Thursday, May 7, 2015

Design Inspiration in Maine.

Seriously the first thing I thought when I saw this was,"What an adorable couple!" I want this to be the hubby and myself one day. They are not only adorable, but super stylish too! You see, the husband, Peter Cohen is a veteran architect of Peter M. Cohen and Associates. Did I mention that Peter is 84 years old!? Anyway, he designed this home for Sally(his wife) and himself. It's dubbed Maison Amtrak and you can read all about the process here.

the entrance

I am not surprised to see the classic Eames lounge chair  in this setting.

books, artifacts, and a place to read...perfect

Awww, here's Sally! This is exactly where you would find me too! Check out those planters!

And after I'm done watering those flowers, I'd be basking in the sun and natural light here!

According to an excerpt from 
"A series of long stairs leads to Maison Amtrak, which is set below street level. The entranceway demonstrates Cohen’s love of Japanese design with a geometric simplicity matched only by the formal elegance of the stained Douglas fir two-by-fours."

Such a darling couple and inspiring design, right? xx

Photos: Mark Mahaney


  1. Amazing! I just LOVE all these designer classics to be seen around the house. Very inspiring couple and architecture!

  2. I want to visit them in Maine :) Fabulous home - streamlined yet warm and cozy. And what a perfect setting for all the big windows to enjoy beautiful Maine! Cheers

  3. I adore this home and his aesthetic! Thanks for posting! I've pinned them all. xo Nancy

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