Friday, September 5, 2014

Ushering in September at this Old Farmhouse.

Located in Ibiza, this old farmhouse was transformed into this gorgeous home by 
Louis Galliussi. It boasts an effortless use of natural materials mixed in with a modern aesthetic. 

everything about this makes me happy! gosh that door!

I'd say this space Fall ready, right?

Perfect for a picnic or dining alfresco

I wish you all a beautiful weekend! Do you have any special plans? All week, I have been trying to clean my entire house. I hope to get her all shiny and sparkly this weekend. xx


  1. Love this farmhouse! Edited yet full of warmth and personality. I'm back in DC and need to start cleaning my house. C'mon over when you're done ;)

  2. I love each of these, but especially that kitchen!
    Have a wonderful weekend, sweet friend! xo.

  3. You have the most BEAUTIFUL EYE!!!! See, I'm ALL vintage....but what you see is combining the natural tones of the old with the bright and fresh colors of modern...that is not an easy art to perfect! That old door for example, opening into a fresh but yet OLD feeling of a room....the composition is perfect in each photo without a lot of clutter. WAY TO GO my friend!

  4. Oh you sweet friend, you..thanks for coming by today to just say "HI!"

    HI, BACK!!!!!!

  5. Beautiful home. I love all the textiles.

  6. This looks fab.
    Beautiful house on a beautiful island.
    Hope you have a lovely day,
    Liz x

  7. I love everything about this house!! The flags over the kitchen doorway hooked me immediately.


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