Thursday, September 18, 2014

Throw Back Thursday.

DIY Pumpkins

This is a throw back from last fall when I styled my front porch for my work with the local paper. Lots of diy was involved. Have you started to decorate for fall yet? Happy Thursday! xx

pic by Cindy Burnham


  1. These are terrific pumpkins!! Must try a few of these!

  2. I absolutely LOVE these, Stacey!
    Right now, the only fall decorating around here has been done by Mother Nature. The leaves are changing and falling very quickly.

    You have a wonderful day, sweet friend! xo.

  3. STACEY!

    I just got home from school...I AM SO TIRED!

    I adore that pumpkin with the white stripes! I have not decorated because on the weekends, I'm trying to write. During the week, work is great but too busy. But our weather, though we are starting with fall color, is WARM! So I just can't feel the fall yet!

    Thank you so much for coming to visit today. I hope your September is sweet as can be! Anita

  4. Fun and fabulous! I'm looking forward to my white pumpkins again this year. Thinking of incorporating black accents. Have a great one!


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