Thursday, August 28, 2014

Simple in Sweden.

Photo Aug 28, 9 20 03 AM
Photo Aug 28, 9 20 11 AM
Photo Aug 28, 9 20 18 AM
Photo Aug 28, 9 20 27 AM
Photo Aug 28, 9 20 22 AM
Photo Aug 28, 9 20 32 AM
Photo Aug 28, 9 20 35 AM
Photo Aug 28, 9 20 48 AM
Photo Aug 28, 9 20 51 AM
Photo Aug 28, 9 20 39 AM
White floors, clutter free, artfully placed art and plants are quintessential characteristics of the Swedish home. I really like this one; simple but still interesting. xx
{images via my tumblr. spotted here first}


  1. Love the light hanging low over the coffee tables - a lovely detail which isn't done very often - but it looks fabulous here.

  2. I love the Swedish sensibilities. Clutter-free is my motto and now that I've rearranged some things over the years, it's as if the space even clears you mind. The white floors with some contrasting pieces (that last photo!) are just so gorgeous. HAPPY FRIDAY, STACEY!

  3. Sleek and simple yet full of personality! HAve a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

  4. Homes like these make me wish I weren't OCD on keeping things in order in my home!!!! Have a great weekend Stacey dear!

  5. Yes, I love this style! The whithe painted floors, so chic, yet effortless-looking, the abundance of green, big-leaves, and wood incorporated throughout. Add some black and I am sold!
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. What beautiful settings these are, Stacey!
    I especially love the second one.
    Beautiful light, and so peaceful.

    I hope you're having a wonderful holiday weekend! xo.

  7. So adorable kitchen! This looks is fabulous! The color and design is perfect!! :) I think this is the best flooring for kitchen in Los Angeles I have seen

  8. I love swedish design Stacey- these are gorgeous pictures and really inspire me. Hope all is well. xoxo Nancy


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