Sunday, August 10, 2014

A Mod Furnished Villa in Brazil.

Photo Feb 20, 9 37 15 AM
I feel like it’s been years since my last blog post. Out of town visitors, mini vacations, mommy life, and most recently a computer that didn’t want to cooperate has made blogging almost impossible. Anyway, I managed to fix my computer using Systems Restore(i think the process deserves its own blog post).

Photo Feb 20, 9 21 30 AM
Vintage and mid century furniture is a favorite of mine, so of course I love this villa! Plus look at all the color!
Photo Feb 20, 11 04 50 AM
Photo Feb 20, 11 06 20 AM
Photo Feb 20, 10 54 58 AM
Photo Feb 20, 11 11 29 AM
Photo Feb 20, 11 24 33 AM
Photo Feb 20, 12 15 17 PM
Photo Feb 20, 1 40 22 PM
Photo Feb 20, 2 00 15 PM
Photo Feb 20, 9 43 14 AM
Photo Aug 10, 8 06 08 AM
Photo Feb 20, 10 01 29 AM
Can you believe Summer is almost at an end? Have a lovely day everyone. xx
{images: atcasa}


  1. Good morning Stacey! LOVE your choices for they always take me back to the 1960s, a time when sleek mod furniture was hip and cool and I wanted to have an apartment of my own and fill it with such furniture. I was only about nine or ten at the time! But these fashions are still sleek, mod and perfect for a relaxed environment. WELCOME BACK to blogging! It's been a great summer. HAPPY SUNDAY! Anita

  2. These are really such beautiful interiors, Stacey.
    It sounds like you're having a very busy summer, but in a very good way. It is going by fast for sure.

    It was so nice to see you pop up in my reader!

    Happy Sunday to you, my friend. xo.

  3. I love that there is no separation from the inside and outside of this home.

  4. That tiled wall is fabulous and I love the clean lines on this huge home!

  5. I adore this apartment, the style influence could work in any size place anywhere in the world this is just chic and classic. Perfect.

  6. I love this post Stacy! I agree with you, the colors are fabulous. I also, love the different graphic patterns that they use!

    I have been really excited about different patterns we find in design using them in contrast or as an accent. There will be a new post about it on Felt Ball Rug's tumblr within the next week, keep you're eye out for it!


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