Friday, August 29, 2014

DIY Hacks for Labor Day Weekend!

I received this in an email the other day to share with you.  Besides going to the beach, many of you will probably be hammering or painting over this long weekend. Who knows, maybe one or more of these hacks fall under your "to do list" this weekend...

10 Amazing DIY Hacks for the Home

I will undoubtedly be doing some kind of diy this Labor Day weekend! How about you? Thanks
Anglia Drain Doctor for the post! Have a great weekend everyone!! xx

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Simple in Sweden.

Photo Aug 28, 9 20 03 AM
Photo Aug 28, 9 20 11 AM
Photo Aug 28, 9 20 18 AM
Photo Aug 28, 9 20 27 AM
Photo Aug 28, 9 20 22 AM
Photo Aug 28, 9 20 32 AM
Photo Aug 28, 9 20 35 AM
Photo Aug 28, 9 20 48 AM
Photo Aug 28, 9 20 51 AM
Photo Aug 28, 9 20 39 AM
White floors, clutter free, artfully placed art and plants are quintessential characteristics of the Swedish home. I really like this one; simple but still interesting. xx
{images via my tumblr. spotted here first}

Sunday, August 24, 2014

How I Use Schedules and Social Stories as Aids.

Zion has always thrived on structure and schedules. As a result, we’ve always incorporated some sort of schedule, BUT, it was not always a visual one.  These days we have a visual schedule that he uses daily.

It has been noted that individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder/ASD have greater difficulties coping with unstructured time than neurotypical people and benefit from increased structure in their lives. I have found that to be true in Zion’s case. Having a visual schedule in place at home enables Zion to be in control because he knows what to expect. In addition, it fosters independence and calm. On a side note, I forgot to place IPad time on the schedule and he was quick to point that out! I recently had to get a poster that would fit all of our activities. The one shown only displays some of what we do on a daily basis.

Social Stories and Back to School
Photo Aug 24, 1 22 43 PM
I was first introduced to Social Stories by one of Zion’s teachers. A social story can be a written or visual guide describing various social interactions, behaviors, and situations. In Zion’s case, if he’s going to be introduced to a new situation, a social story is useful to help him anticipate and cope in that new situation. A great example is the simple and age specific one of the fire drill above. Fire drills can be overwhelming for Z because of his sensory issues so in addition to using headphones, having a visual and written social story reinforces what needs to be done and helps him to cope.

He starts Kindergarten this week and we are in the process of  putting the finishing touches on a social story that tells his new classroom number and teacher. He actually already knows his classroom number as I’ve been verbally preparing him. I cannot express in words how proud I am of him! I always get so emotional when I talk about all the remarkable things he has done.

Zion seems to be quite popular on the blog lately. However, I wanted you to get a peek at the behind the scenes at our home. I would love to hear from you. Are schedules a part of your routine? Maybe not social stories for everyone...Do tell. Have a lovely Sunday my friends. xx
Images by the lovely Tiffany Parsons

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Embracing Wood and Natural Fiber Materials in Interiors: Trendspotting

marble countertops
I’ve noticed the use of wooden or natural fiber accessories being used to add warmth and texture in interiors lately; be it modern or traditional interiors. I’ve always been a fan of this look and in fact, I have quite the collection of woven baskets and wooden pieces in my home. I think they enliven a space and of course, there is that instant cozy factor that come with their use. Also,  aren't those light fixtures beautiful! I've been crushing on some beautiful Hinkley lighting that would look fabulous in our kitchen!

woven ottomans and baskets
lovely barn door
boho kitchen
black and white office
neutral nursery
attic bedroom
eclectic mix
Photo Aug 19, 9 05 28 AM
glamorous bedroom
rustic bathroom
Photo Aug 19, 9 09 37 AM
Photo Aug 19, 9 08 19 AM
Yay or nay for this trend? It’s definitely a yay for me! xx
{images-my tumblr}

Monday, August 11, 2014

This Equals That Book Review and a DIY

#mapmural- design addict mom
I was recently asked to review the book titled, This Equals That, from the Aperture Foundation. This is is the foundation’s first children's photobook and is authored by Jason Fulford and Tamara Shopsin. Given my fascination with photography, I was immediately intrigued since the narrative employs a sequence of photographs to convey meaning.

This Equals That Book Review and a DIY- design addict mom
This Equals That is aimed at children ages five and up. The book is also enjoyable for adults, well, I loved it. The pictures are vivid and appealing. I enjoyed discussing the relationships between photographs and Zion was happy to point out similarities in shapes and numbers.

This Equals That Book Review and a DIY- design addict mom
We love this book because of the unorthodox method used to facilitate associative thinking in children while reinforcing colors, shapes, and numbers. As a visual person, I really enjoyed just simply looking at the pictures and admiring their beauty and artistry. Publish date is September 30th 2014, but you can preorder the book here and also save 23%(pre order price).

Thrifted Table Makeover with Paint- design addict mom
Zion needed a table for his playroom since the one we had before broke. I bought the one pictured from the thrift store, lightly sanded and primed it. Then I spray painted it with a lovely green color from rustoleum(leftover from a prior project). In fact, I already had everything(except the table) at home for this diy.
#Mapmural in kids space- design addict mom
A very fun and simple diy. I love the clean lines of the table and its new color. Also, the size is perfect as it won’t take up much space in the playroom. Have a fabulous day everyone! xx

P.S. I received the book mentioned above to review but the thoughts on said book are my own.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

A Mod Furnished Villa in Brazil.

Photo Feb 20, 9 37 15 AM
I feel like it’s been years since my last blog post. Out of town visitors, mini vacations, mommy life, and most recently a computer that didn’t want to cooperate has made blogging almost impossible. Anyway, I managed to fix my computer using Systems Restore(i think the process deserves its own blog post).

Photo Feb 20, 9 21 30 AM
Vintage and mid century furniture is a favorite of mine, so of course I love this villa! Plus look at all the color!
Photo Feb 20, 11 04 50 AM
Photo Feb 20, 11 06 20 AM
Photo Feb 20, 10 54 58 AM
Photo Feb 20, 11 11 29 AM
Photo Feb 20, 11 24 33 AM
Photo Feb 20, 12 15 17 PM
Photo Feb 20, 1 40 22 PM
Photo Feb 20, 2 00 15 PM
Photo Feb 20, 9 43 14 AM
Photo Aug 10, 8 06 08 AM
Photo Feb 20, 10 01 29 AM
Can you believe Summer is almost at an end? Have a lovely day everyone. xx
{images: atcasa}