Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Photo Jun 28, 7 21 35 PM
I have always been enamored with this specific architectural detail. Arches always seem to beckon to me. Here is a delightful roundup of spaces that sport beautiful arches…
Photo Jul 02, 8 31 26 AM
Photo Jul 02, 8 35 56 AM
Photo Jul 02, 8 31 45 AM
Photo Jul 02, 8 32 25 AM
Photo Jul 02, 8 38 21 AM
Photo Jul 02, 8 40 12 AM
Photo Jul 02, 8 33 32 AM
Photo Jul 02, 8 43 18 AM
Photo Jul 02, 8 39 02 AM
Photo Jul 02, 8 39 36 AM
Photo Jul 02, 8 48 10 AM
Photo Jul 02, 8 32 10 AM
Are you a fan of arches? I hope the Summer is going great for everyone. As you can imagine, life has been very busy here, but I am not complaining. Summer has been amazing so far! xx

{images via tumblr}


  1. I am definitely a fan my friend! We have several arched entrances in our home and there is something about them that just makes you feel good. What could that sensation be? All these photos are killer-diller perfect! HAPPY FOURTH! Anita

  2. fantastyczne inspiracje !!!

  3. All gorgeous but I'm smitten with the first photo and those arched glass doors!!!!!! Happy 4th Stacey dear!

  4. I DO love arches, and you found some real beauties here, Stacey.

    I wish you and your beautiful family a wonderful 4th of July. xo.

  5. STACEY!!!!!! I am super thrilled to see your comment and THAT YOU WILL BE PARTICIPATING! Take us dearest, TAKE US to your dream European destination! It does not have to be about France.....any country, town, village or big and fabulous city you want....narrow it down to a specific place in that area, be creative, join the fun. You are just a dear to come by and join! I'm taking your link now and putting you on the list!!! Anita

  6. There are something so romantic in arches!
    Happy 4th of July! Have a great weekend!
    Ashford Upholstery cleaning

  7. Gosh! Hello my dear Stacey((: love your veggie planter(: you are so creative... I just looked through all your posts that I had missed!
    And arches are so beautiful and roman like(: enjoy the 2nd and 3 rd pic most.
    Xox z

  8. Hi Stacey,
    I love the arches pics.
    To glimpse the formal garden through the arch in image 6 is a joy.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend,
    Liz x

  9. Happy July, Stacey! Hope you and the boys had a festive and fun 4th! We're in Maine, and a coincidence you posted about arches as we have a few of those at the house here. Cheers, L

  10. I have no arches in my home! The home I stayed at in Ireland was full of arched windows and I feel in love with them!

  11. I'm a fan of arches when there are several of them in a room, like three, or five in a hallway, that sort of thing.
    I also like it when they are really high (10') or more:)


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