Saturday, June 21, 2014

Summa, Summa Time…!

Photo Jun 21, 12 08 02 PM
It’s officially Summer and I am ecstatic! I am feeling lots better too, thanks for the well wishes! Summer which is undoubtedly my favorite time of year has so many meanings for me. Summer usually means dining alfresco, planting a garden, eating more fruits and vegetables, going to the beach, reading ones favorite books, entertaining more often, paring down ones décor and going clutter free, getting married/going to lots of weddings(since the weather is so perfect). Really, I could go on and on. Here are some gorgeous images that reek of Summer. Enjoy!
Photo Jun 21, 11 53 12 AM
Photo Jun 21, 11 47 46 AM
Photo Jun 21, 11 55 02 AM
Photo Jun 21, 11 59 12 AM
Photo Jun 21, 11 56 56 AM
Photo Jun 21, 11 58 56 AM
Photo Jun 21, 12 06 41 PM
Photo Jun 21, 12 07 11 PM
Photo Jun 21, 11 55 05 AM
Photo Jun 21, 12 07 46 PM
Photo Jun 21, 12 03 01 PM
Photo Jun 21, 11 54 09 AM
Photo Jun 21, 12 06 35 PM
Photo Jun 21, 12 01 38 PM
Photo Jun 21, 12 02 23 PM
Photo Jun 21, 11 54 18 AM
Happy first day of Summer everyone! xx
{images via my tumblr}


  1. Big love for this post!! Gorgeous, wishing you a wonderful Summa!!

  2. nice, nice, nice !!!

  3. Oh, you just about covered it all for me in this gallery of fine photos my friend! Yes, clutter-free as much as possible, fruits and veggies, outdoor entertaining and reading. That's what I'm doing! Glad to hear you are much better! Anita

  4. Same to you Stacey dear! And I know summer will be extra fun with your hubs around! ENJOY my friend!

  5. I am so glad that you are feeling better, Stacey!
    Happy summer to you, hubby, and those 2 very precious little ones. May it be the best one yet. xo.

  6. Happy summer, Stacey! Hope you and the boys are spending lots of together time outside. I love this time of year. Cheers :)

  7. Such gorgeous summer time photos! My favorite is the one a the top. It looks like the coziest spot to dine outdoors! The flowers, the sunshine, the family vacations.. what's not to love about that? Enjoy your Monday! xxleslie

  8. Summer is good for the soul! Love all your inspiration pictures and so glad to hear you are feeling better!

  9. So many beautiful images and reasons that I too love summer!! It's just the best to have a little more free time and relaxation…happy summer to you Stacey!!


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