Monday, April 7, 2014

Our Diy Easter Eggs.

Photo Apr 06, 9 47 48 PM
The boys and myself were feeling creative, so we completed some Easter eggs diy yesterday. In addition to the thrifted candlesticks, the mantel is sporting some dip-dye neon eggs(an easy way to update your mantel for Easter).  Please note that in order to use the eggs to display like above or as a centerpiece, you would need to blow out the eggs first. Below, we show you how to make these in addition to a few more…

I bought a box of neon food/egg dye and the PAAS kit at Walmart(all pictured above). I used the cups from the PAAS kit to mix the neon dye.

In addition to the above items, you will need the following:
Hardboiled eggs
An empty egg carton or someplace to dry the eggs
A surface area prepped for completing this messy diy
Hot water
Rubber gloves

Photo Apr 06, 9 31 33 PM
The Process:

01 / Boil the eggs, remove from water, and let eggs dry and cool.
02 / Cover your work surface. I used an old towel.
03 /Make sure you have a place for your eggs to dry
04 / Mix one-teaspoon vinegar, 25 drops of food color, and 1/2 cup hot water in a PAAS colour cup and stir.
05 / Once eggs have cooled completely and their shells are completely dry, begin dying eggs. To create a two-toned egg, dip egg in one colour then move egg to dry for about 10 minutes. After egg is dried, dip other end in second colour.

The picture above shows the results.

Other Options with Sharpie and Chalkboard

Photo Apr 06, 4 51 15 PM
For these options, we used plastic white eggs. Zion decorated them with a sharpie.

Photo Apr 06, 9 36 58 PM
Voila! I want to also add that this was styled by Zion. He chose that orange wagon and arranged the eggs…

Leftover chalkboard spray paint came in handy for the chalkboard eggs. Again instead of hardboiled eggs, I used plastic white eggs.

Photo Apr 06, 9 40 58 PM
Voila! Styled by Zion.  Simple and fun, right? Happy Monday everyone! xx


  1. Oh, does this bring back memories.
    You "guys" did a great job on these!
    I particularly like Zion's designs. :-)

    Happy day to you, my friend! xo.

  2. Awwww, these are super cute eggies!!

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  3. Even though the kids are grown I still enjoy the process of dying Easter eggs. What fun this must have been! xxleslie

  4. I have to say I love the simple black eggs they would look so cool with white or pale blue mixed.. all really fun!!

  5. I love those chalkboard ones!!,

  6. This brings back memories for me too, from when my children were little…used to always die them using various concoctions of vegetables boiled in the water (beetroot was a good one).

    They look gorgeous on the mantle piece.

  7. I always enjoy the process of dying Easter eggs. The black eggs are cute.


  8. That looks great - I would have loved to win it!! I am always looking for new home decor ideas. I'll be back to read more in the future.
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  9. Zion - can you come help me style my shop? I pay very well...not really, but your mom can get a big discount on antiques :) xoxo

  10. How in the world did I miss this sweet and colorful post? Dearest, I love those chalkboard eggs! And the scribble eggs SPECIAL! Anita

  11. Chalkboard eggs - how brilliant dear! Have a lovely weekend with the boys. I'm just trying to relax and rest with the little lady!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  12. Can't believe I missed this post! So cute!


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