Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Darling Magazine: Spring Inspiration

Spring Inspiration
I am sure we are all tired of talking about this weather and the longest Winter ever.  I know I get giddy with excitement when I see the word Spring anywhere much less images and inspiration that scream Spring! It can’t get more Spring that that space above, right? How about that outfit the darling Kelly Go- Lightly is wearing! I want it all!  Kelly recently collaborated with Darling Magazine for their Spring 2014 issue where she shared ideas and inspiration for sprucing up your space for Spring.

Darling Magazine
Darling Magazine retails at Anthropologie, Nordstrom and more than 300 other retailers nationally – as well as in their online store, is reshaping the way that media can represent and influence women and girls in our society. Darling is going beyond just putting “real women” in front of the camera; they are leveraging the voice and vision of smart, creative and inspiring women to assemble each issue from cover to cover. From the photographers to editors to models, this talented group of women are challenging femininity and breaking the mold of what it means to be a “modern woman” by sharing their hopes, fears and inner beauty on every page.

Kelly's ideas and styling
I loved Kelly's ideas and styling. Darling color palettes too. Have a lovely day everyone. xx

images via photographer, Daniel Collopy


  1. Amazing spaces!
    Love that rug in the last pic!


  2. DARLING color palettes--haha, I see what you did there and I like it!

    I really like that turquoise lamp in the second picture!

  3. I love the hues and patterns the most in these images. It definitely makes me want spring to arrive even faster, as always! :-)
    /Madison xx

  4. I just received my first copy yesterday and saw this piece. It's an interesting magazine and filled with all sorts of information on various subject matters. Love these images! xxleslie

  5. Thank you so much for sharing and for the kind words about the piece/my home! I love the community that Darling Magazine fosters -- they are the bee's knees.

    Kelly Golightly

  6. fantastic!

  7. Such a cool space and Darling sounds like something I should check out!

  8. What a cool magazine...I'll keep a look out for it!


  9. Colour and Spring are becoming synonyms! I love incorporating fresh colours – picks up the mood so much!

    ~Mia W | Bermondsey Carpet Cleaners

  10. So cheerful, fabulous and fun! Happy first day of spring :)

  11. These are fantastic, Stacey.
    Each one reminds me so much of spring.
    I love the colors.
    Have a wonderful evening, my friend. xo.

  12. Thanks to the intro of this magazine. I had never heard of it. This spread is beautiful.

  13. The magical colors Of Spring!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  14. Very Jonathan Adler inspired! Have a great weekend!! enjoy that cutie pie'Zions Birthday!!

  15. Very Jonathan Adler inspired! Have a great weekend!! enjoy that cutie pie'Zions Birthday!!

  16. Ok Stacey, I am at the point of accepting that there is no spring in Canada but always can enjoy the spring images and your darling is pretty lovely(: blue greens and pink, nothing better!
    Hope you and family are well and can enjoy some daddy time too! Just saw the movie about Somalian pirates with tom hanks and kept admiring the strong USA military men and my hubby heard all about your hubby and I told my man he must work out more((((: well I am a very pregnant woman looking for distractions and smart strong skilled men are just the thing... Spring works too lLOL but maybe not as well!

    Hugs z


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