Sunday, March 30, 2014

Zion’s Color Me Happy 5th Birthday Party

Zion’s Color Me Happy 5th Birthday Party- design addict mom
Zion’s Color Me Happy 5th Birthday Party- design addict mom
We recently celebrated Zion’s 5th birthday and even mother nature gifted us with a present of the most perfect day. Besides Zion turning 5, there are so many other things about him and how much he has accomplished that also merited being celebrated. A colourful theme seemed very fitting plus that meant I didn’t really have to purchase much since I already had lots of colourful party items.  This post may be a bit long so I apologize in advance; lots of pictures!

Zion’s Color Me Happy 5th Birthday Party- design addict mom
I was inspired by a cake I saw online
14 18
15 23
21 25
A picture wall is tradition at our parties. See here and here.

I made Z’s initial from these look alike light bulbs I scored at AC Moore. They are still mounted on the wall…

Zion’s Color Me Happy 5th Birthday Party- design addict mom
I purchased coloured cups from the Dollar Store and made a back drop for a photo booth. It was time consuming, but so worth it! Everyone loved it too!

Little Ian’s bookcase was used to display the food. It was perfect for the colourful theme.

Zion’s Color Me Happy 5th Birthday Party- design addict mom
In addition to a bounce house, there was a balloon maker who also doubled as a face painter.

Zion’s Color Me Happy 5th Birthday Party- design addict mom
Zion’s Color Me Happy 5th Birthday Party- design addict mom
The favor table.

8 6
Each child received a rainbow colored magic spring.

Zion’s Color Me Happy 5th Birthday Party- design addict mom
These balloons were an easy way to add festive cheer to the front of the house. They were kept in place by golf tees.

Zion’s Color Me Happy 5th Birthday Party- design addict mom
A number 5 wreath was the perfect addition to the front door. It even lights up!  Though, I have many more pictures, I think I should probably stop here with the pictures. The party was really fun and I am thrilled I enlisted the services of photographer, Patty of Patty K Photography. She did a superb job capturing it all. xx

images©Patty K Photography

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring’s It Color.

that pink smeg
This “it” color has been dubbed rose.  Of course it’s pink, but this shade has that cotton candy quality that captivates you and makes you want to just nibble it use a paint roller and bathe your foyer in this color. By you, I mean me and with no husband around to talk me out of it….
I am that person who would buy a pink Smeg refrigerator too. O.K., let’s take a look at this color and you decide if you want to nibble or throw it away.

loving the pale pink in this bedroom
beautiful pink on wall is perfect backdrop for this fab chair

lovely rose colored dress #fashion

that yummy looking pink cake pops beautifully against that brass cake stand

Scandinavian kitchen

Pretty pink flowers and vintage pink tyypewriter

pretty pink bowl

lovely gallery wall and pretty pops of color

   pink and red-so pretty #fashion
So, what do you think? Nibble, not nibble?  I am not a rose/pink person but somehow since last year, I developed a rare fascination with this color. Now, it’s the “it” color for Spring and I love it! In fact, I prefer this to Radiant Orchid.  I haven’t heard much talk of radiant orchid, have you?  xx

{images: pinterest, Inside Out Mag, Harper’s Bazaar, Houzz}

Monday, March 24, 2014

A Colorful Start…

colorful with Solange Knowles

A colorful start to the week is always a great idea! In fact, I’m oozing with lots of color inspiration after hosting  Zion’s very colorful 5th birthday celebration on Saturday. I can’t wait to share all the fun details and diys with you! Until then, let’s get colorful with Solange Knowles who serves up delicious attitude in this colorful and patternful shoot spotted on Harper's Bazaar.


Strike a pose on your toes! Yes!

solange - Black and white against an orange

Black and white against an orange back drop is my kind of groovy!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and that this colorful inspiration will brighten your day and linger with you all week! xx

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Darling Magazine: Spring Inspiration

Spring Inspiration
I am sure we are all tired of talking about this weather and the longest Winter ever.  I know I get giddy with excitement when I see the word Spring anywhere much less images and inspiration that scream Spring! It can’t get more Spring that that space above, right? How about that outfit the darling Kelly Go- Lightly is wearing! I want it all!  Kelly recently collaborated with Darling Magazine for their Spring 2014 issue where she shared ideas and inspiration for sprucing up your space for Spring.

Darling Magazine
Darling Magazine retails at Anthropologie, Nordstrom and more than 300 other retailers nationally – as well as in their online store, is reshaping the way that media can represent and influence women and girls in our society. Darling is going beyond just putting “real women” in front of the camera; they are leveraging the voice and vision of smart, creative and inspiring women to assemble each issue from cover to cover. From the photographers to editors to models, this talented group of women are challenging femininity and breaking the mold of what it means to be a “modern woman” by sharing their hopes, fears and inner beauty on every page.

Kelly's ideas and styling
I loved Kelly's ideas and styling. Darling color palettes too. Have a lovely day everyone. xx

images via photographer, Daniel Collopy

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Zion Turns Five!!

Happy birthday Zion
Zion, my prince, turns five today and I cannot believe it!  Happy birthday Zion!  You are so loved my sweet boy. Muah!

I have been in party planning mode as we will be celebrating Z’s birthday on Saturday. You can probably tell lots of diy-ing is taking place just based on that post it oversized number five above!  Those are left over post its that I used for my alternative Christmas tree last year. Happy Tuesday! xx

Friday, March 7, 2014

Springing Forward with Blooms.

fashion and interior design blog
I’ve always wanted a tree house. I’ve been dreaming of hammocks, string lights and spending countless hours outdoors basking in the warmer temperature that is yet to come. As we get ready to set our clocks an hour ahead(those of us in the U.S.), I can’t help but feel optimistic that my dream will be fulfilled very soon. However, until the warmer temperatures get here to stay, one quick and easy way to add some Spring flair to your home is with blooms/flowers…

Welcome Spring
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Are you blooming at home? I love the essence fresh flowers add a space, don’t you? Happy weekend everyone. xx

{images: google, tumblr, green renaissance}