Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Winners Are!

Winners were chosen via random.org
Thank you for such an enthusiastic participation everyone! Winners were chosen via random.org. It was no easy task choosing 51 of you, but I am excited to announce the winners today! Drumroll please!

Grand Prize winner is Robin at Happily Home, After.  Congrats Robin!

Fifty Second Place Winners:

Vel Criste, Julis55, Kim, Sue Ellison, Amanda Sak, Maryanne The Garden, Rosans4@comcast.net, Courtney B, Margo, Tammy Woodall, Tweetyscute, Beth Elderton, Ellie, MB Isaac, Eddi Bendossa, Pligko@hotmail.com, Liz, Heather Baker, Ellen, Mkjmc, Kim, Tabithia, Kathleen Schnorf, Nancy@ Powellbrower at home, Sky Evans, Thomas Murphy, Tara W, Hedge Hugi, Janice, redrobbin1191@yahoo.com, Candie L, Lauraloves, Nikki, Jaime Cummings, Jtwark, Michelle J, Jenna Osborne(Sharpteethoflove), Natalie Yarbrough, Amanda Whitley, Kathleen Schnorf, Richard Hicks, Natalie Yeoman, Amry Still, Karen Drake, LaurKnotter, Emily Percak, KPort207, Gina Wildorchid, Lorina Padgett, Kellyr78
I will be emailing you all ASAP. If you are a winner and didn't provide an email, please email me! Thank you. xx


  1. Wow, I see my name on your 2nd place list!!! Thank you! xo Nancy

  2. Oh my :) You can't imagine how nice this surprise feels this morning, thank you. Make it a great Wednesday everyone!

  3. So happy for Robin but happy for ME too and Nancy! Wooppeedoo! Thanks Stacey!

  4. So happy for Robin but happy for ME too and Nancy! Wooppeedoo! Thanks Stacey!

  5. Congrats to everyone! Hmmm, is there another list coming? can't seem to find my name. strange..........

  6. Lovely photos from then and now. I do love your new cabinet, the rustic look is just beautiful. And I love the new wall color, gorgeous makeover. Enjoy your time with the grandchildren! Have a happy week!
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