Sunday, February 9, 2014

Modern and Renovated in Canada.

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     At the beginning of Spring each year,we have what is called a Tour of Homes in my neck of the woods. It involves a compilation of many homes that are for sale that are scattered in different parts of the city. They usually span the continuum with regards to pricing too. Although we recently built our current home (and I am definitely not looking for a new house), this is an event that I look forward to each year. I pick the neighborhoods that I prefer and the houses that I want to tour. Usually, the houses are way out of my price range. Of course, I want to look at the craftsmanship and all the choices in materials etc. There are times when the houses are staged which makes the tours so much more enjoyable.

     So with that said,  today, we’re looking at this very modern home that has been completely renovated and is for sale in Manitoba, Canada. It would undoubtedly make the the list of homes I would want to see if it were among our yearly Tour of Homes.  This modern façade might not be everyone’s tastes, but I have always been smitten with this type of architecture. At over 3600 square feet, it has 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a sound proofed home theater room and lots more luxurious features…

Modren Home in Canada
Renovated Home in Manitoba
Decorated Wall Paintings
Drawing room
Renovated Modern Designed Home
Modern and Renovated in Canada
Decorated Home in Canada
Modern Renovated Rental Apartment
Nature Home
Oh, there is also a huge gym located in the basement complete with a steam shower! What!? I hope you’re all having a lazy Sunday. I may not change out of my pajamas at all today. xx


  1. I love browsing thru FOR SALE houses too and this one is a definite A-lister Stacey! Love the modern feel and clean lines and that kitchen?! Fabulous!

  2. This is a refreshing respite my friend, from the typical that floods our senses. Thank you.

  3. What a cool house!
    Gym/steam shower sounds amazing!


  4. The windows and light in the space is wonderful!!

  5. Here in WA state we are building homes "up" and seeing lots of decks and gardens on top of homes. There are so neat elements here ..I like the glass table in the kitchen, clean lines, lack of clutter.

  6. Pretty cool! I appreciate its streamlined interiors and connection to nature. Very well done. Cheers!

  7. Wow, this is really something, Stacey.
    Definitely one I'd like to tour also!
    Thank you for sharing here.
    I hope you've had a wonderful weekend, and I hope you were able to spend today in your pjs. :-)

  8. I like a simple geometry of this house. A modern kitchen is positively stunning. I love big windows in living room.

    Have a nice Sunday.


  9. This looks like quite the house touring treat! Let's do this someday! xxx


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