Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Visual Balance: Symmetrical and Asymmetrical.

Photo Jan 20, 10 10 12 PM
Today I’m taking a look at visual balance in interiors.  I find though I am not formal, I do like some type of balance when I decorate. There’s something very unsettling about a lack of balance(at least for me).

Photo Jan 20, 10 36 03 PM

Symmetrical balance is like a mirror image and is usually more formal in nature. Symmetrical balance is characterized by the same objects repeated in the same positions on either side of a vertical axis.  As humans we tend to gravitate towards a symmetrical setting since it is reflective of the human form; two eyes, ears, etc. This symmetry also reflects the human form, so we are innately comfortable in a balanced setting.
Asymmetrical balance is less formal and has become popular in today's modern homes. Balance is achieved with some dissimilar objects that have equal visual weight or eye attraction.  Though asymmetrical balance may be more difficult to achieve, it adds dynamic dimension to a space and keeps the design unpredictable.  Whether you choose symmetrical or asymmetrical balance, I think most of us prefer and is most comfortable in a space that has visual balance which is what symmetrical and asymmetrical balance facilitate. Here are some more examples:

a good example of asymmetrical symmetry. visual balance is achieved with dissimilar items on either side of the sofa.

Photo Jan 11, 11 14 15 AM
Photo Sep 23, 11 07 49 PM
Photo Jan 20, 9 26 42 PM
I think I incorporate more of the asymmetrical type of balance in my home; less formal. How do you feel about visual balance? Do tell. Blessings and have a wonderful day everyone! xx

images: pinterest, tumblr


  1. Oh my....they are all wonderful examples of fresh ideas mixed with classics, but that last photo! MINE! I am over here on a day off, having fun with my poetry and photography but I am so frustrated. I have an all white studio, I'm trying to photograph it, but no matter what settings I try, I get this yellowish cast! I'll find the secret one day! Have a super day my friend. Anita

  2. Gorgeous examples here! I do believe it's so important to balance between weights and measures sp that whether you are asymmetrical or prefer symmetry nothing looks to one side to the eye!! Great post!!

  3. I think anyone who pulls off asymmetrical balance in decor is extremely talented ... achieving the equal weight balance with different objects is tough. So I'm a less formal person who finds symmetry easier to achieve ... fortunately I think informal objects loosen up the formality of a symettrical arrangement. That's what works for me.

  4. I'm a very symmetrical kinda girl, but have to admit asymmetrical interiors always makes it more personal, interesting and fun! But as you say- it still has to come with some sort of balance and that is hard I think!

  5. Like you, I am a fan of balance, but not too too much. I can just move one thing here at home, and know it's right (at least to me).

    I really love the room in the second image here. Balanced, but I think, in a relaxed sort of way. I'd like to take a peek at the Tom Ford book too!!! :-)


  6. I'm all for symmetry! While I adore matchy, matchy (and I'm not afraid to admit it :) I also think it is important to jazz it up a bit with asymmetrical balance. Great post, Stacey!

  7. I'm a bit of an O.C. Stacey, so I got for symmetrical. Although if you notice my living room right now, it's a bait asymmetrical when it comes to the furniture . I like both honestly, as long as it makes the room cohesive and the visual flow is harmonious. :-) Great post dear!

  8. Just a wonderful selection of rooms ... The one amazing ceiling room needs only a comfy seating and nothing else(: as it is so stunning!
    Xo z

  9. I go both ways ;) I strive for asymmetry but it requires a lot of courage sometimes. I'm not sure if you are familiar with Abigail Ahern, the British designer. She's got great, unique style and one of her mantras is to never, ever decorate with pairs! Her blog is pretty interesting and worth checking out. -Caitlin

  10. I think it all depends on my mood and what's going on in my life. When there's stability, I tend to be more asymmetrical in style, when there's chaos, I strive for symmetry. Your blog is a wealth of information and fabulous ideas!

  11. I am all for visual balance. Happy to know there are people to whom it is just as important.

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