Thursday, January 30, 2014

Random Love.

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We are covered with snow and ice here. Schools have been closed. We are on day 3. I am not sure how much of this I can take.  Here are some spaces that make me forget my reality albeit temporarily….

Bathroom Design
kitchen designs
small space bedroom
kitchen interior design
Stay warm if you’re experiencing this cold vortex. I hope I have hair left at the end of all this. xx

{images via mytumblr}


  1. Same here. Covered in snow!! Kids didn t go to school this week, and next week is a holiday also, so.. I m stuck with my girls at home!! F-f-f-fun!!:)
    Love your images, my fave is the kitchen with the green cabinets and ... the brass, is it??
    Have a great week, love!

  2. Ha! I feel like pulling out my hair too. Thanks for the pretty pictures!

  3. Great ideas! Lovely blog!

  4. I saw some photos from the southern U.S., on the news last night. I cannot imagine how difficult it must be, when you live in an area where this really is "not supposed" to happen. We really don't have much snow right now (maybe about 8 inches on the ground), but the cold for the past many weeks has been unbearable, even by Upstate NY standards.

    Stay safe and warm, my friend, and I hope everything returns to normal soon.



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