Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Brown and blue.

Photo Mar 14, 5 01 58 PM
Since last year I have been enamored with blue in interior design. I just can’t seem to shake my fascination and I am certain that I will be painting a wall or walls either cobalt blue or a very dark navy blue very soon.  I especially love the bue and brown colour combination that I see a lot in interior design.  The two colours sing harmoniously with beautiful contrast.

Photo Jan 14, 12 08 19 PM
Photo Jan 14, 12 06 58 PM
Photo Jan 14, 12 02 20 PM
See what I mean? More brown and blue singing harmoniously and looking delicious while singing! Yum, yum!Smile

Photo Jan 14, 12 08 55 PM
(12-20-13) 2410
I couldn’t resist this one!

How do you feel about this colour combo? xx
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  1. Blue is so very popular in design this year and it's easy to see why. There are so many hues, so everyone can find their favorite. I like cobalt as well! As you showed here, it works really well with shades of brown, too!

  2. OH I love that highgloss blue room!!! gorgeous!

  3. Blue is my go to color for everything. I think I've had every shade of blue on my walls at one time or another. We used to have cobalt blue walls in our kitchen and loved it (Laura Ashley paint, Blue #4 I think) My guest room currently sports a medium denim blue tone that's just so comforting, everyone who sees it, loves it. (I could look the color up) I will say that the deep navy walls photograph beautifully but my foyer that I painted navy last summer is on my schedule for repainting ... the navy is lifeless in that room in my house. I do think blue is the perfect complement to brown, and for anyone with lots of existing brown in a space ... wood tones, etc., blue is perfection on a paint brush.

  4. You have a great taste and your new bedroom is amazing and my favorite actually of all the pics. I have a royal blue Louis IVX. chair in our bedroom ...like the deep navy shades as accent more than too much of it in one room, but it does look amazing ... just personally my winners are provencal blues and blue greens (: so a bit softer tones / hues of blue...
    The navy colour looks great as accent in your bedroom!!

    hugs Z

  5. Good morning beautiful! I think this color schemes suits you PERFECTLY! The direction you are going with your transformation is the right palatte to just KEEP GOING! I love the "brown" as well...beautiful!

  6. I think blue and brown is sensational! It evokes serenity and warmth to me. It's a good feeling. My living room & dining room are painted blue and we have a brownish carpeting. It makes me sooo happy!!

    Love all the examples your share with us of your ideas.

    Happy New Year! Blessings, Edie Marie

  7. That blue sectional is so inviting! I love a deep peacock blue and hopefully will have that color in a room someday!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  8. I'm right there with you - completely, totally blue obsessed!

  9. Love this classic color combo! It's rich and earthy!! xo

  10. I totally love it! Did you know that our first home had these 2 colors on the walls?! Yes, I love brown and blue together. And speaking of blue, there's been a lot around lately and is sort of outshining radiant orchid for that matter. Writing something about it and will post it soon! Have a wonderful day !

  11. blue is so chilllll, i like it :)

  12. I like it as long as the blue is vibrant like in your examples.

  13. I'm totalt a fan of blue(maybe you remember my blue post 'Picasso and I'?) Great inspiration- especially the one from your bedroom makeover- Love it!!


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