Monday, December 30, 2013

The Best Craft Cocktails and Bartending with Flair: A Review

Craft Cocktails
Just in time for New Year’s Eve

I am a coffee and cocktail snob. I love a classy, sophisticated looking cocktail although ones behavior may be quite the opposite at the end of consumption( though we should always drink responsibly). I just love when things look pretty! This book overflows with hip, fresh, and modern takes on cocktail creations. It’s no surprise since both authors are trendsetters. One of the the authors, Christine Dionese is a co-founder of Garden Eats, a place to learn about organic kitchen gardening that provides easy and tasty ways to facilitate a healthier lifestyle. The other author, Jeremy LeBlanc is the head mixologist for the well known Altitude Sky Lounge.

well dressed bartender
A well dressed bartender with a winning smile greeted me as soon as I opened the book AND then I flipped a few pages ahead where I saw this:

Craft Cocktails
Of course since I have almost all of these already here, I plan on actually giving this a test try tomorrow for a New Year’s Eve "shinding" that I’m hosting.

I’ve highlighted a couple of my faves from the book below. I am also really smitten with their presentation.

Shake Twist
Shake, Shake Twist on page 25

Basil Julep
Basil Julep(perfect for Kentucky Derby parties too), page 39

Mon Cheri Moscow Mule
Mon Cheri Moscow Mule. A mixture of cherries, ginger, vodka in carbonated ginger beer has to taste divine! I am in love with the container too! Page 115

craft cocktail
Pressed and Minted can only mean refreshing and earthy. I imagine this would be a go to cocktail especially in the Summer. Page 182.

In the book, a craft cocktail is defined as one that has been constructed with time and thoughtfulness, intended to imprint an unforgettable taste.  I am looking forward to impressing guests and leaving an unforgettable taste in their mouths. Heck, I want to leave an unforgettable taste in my mouth so I will be trying these even if I am not entertaining!  It’s definitely worth your perusal. It’s almost 2014!! How amazing is that!? Blessings and one love. xx

P.S. I was given the book to review but the thoughts, adjectives, and unique expressions are all my own.


  1. Mmm, I love the variety of flavors and the ginger beer cocktail in the Moscow mule mug sounds about right!

    Happy New Year dear!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  2. Oh how GORGEOUS is that shake shake twist! I agree, the pretty presentations are so worth the investigation, even though I don't drink cocktails! But some of my favorites are the aqua blue margaritas I see on Pinterest!

    STACEY DARLIN'! I wish you a happy new year of nothing but peace and joy. May your beloved husband come home soon to spend time with his family who love him so. Thanks for visiting! Anita

  3. This looks fabulous - I am ordering the book right now!

  4. Looks divine! Happy New Year to you and your family!!! xo

  5. I love a pretty cocktail:) and these are ALL beautiful. I like the Shake,Shake, Twist.. sounds delicious!

    This is a wonderful book to have on hand for entertaining. Thanks for sharing!

    Happy New Year!

  6. Hola,
    me encanta tu blog, es genial.
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